Unique Edmonton Wedding Photographer {Alina & Nick}

-Photos by Kari & Radelle

-Text by Radelle

This is the last segment of Alina & Nick!  You can see the other two here & here.

Recently I attended a workshop by Dane Sanders where he asked us, what do your photos say?

What value do YOU as a company offer your clients? What makes your images special? What is your brand?

What do you BELIEVE in?

I knew immediately.

I believe in love. I really really do.

I raised my hand.  He said “what do you want your photos, and thus, your brand to say?”

“I am married to the worlds nicest man &  I believe in love. I want Eternal Reflections Photography

to represent love & marriage to our clients. I want them to know that in a world of cynicism around

marriage & commitment that I believe in it with my entire soul. I believe in meant to be, fate, your one-

and-only. I do. Adam came into my life in a very magical way & I cannot deny.. that sometimes,

two people are just meant to be together.

Down the road when my clients newborn baby has been crying for 5 hours (for example)

and they feel like fighting with each other, I imagine that they will catch a glance of one of their

wedding or engagement photos on the wall & will feel the love. The core love that

brought them together. The feeling, the magic.

Photos can take you back to a moment in time, similar to how smell can.

 I want my couples to have that.  It is powerful.

To have a tangible piece of art that IS their love. That they see everyday.

And I want them to be in love forever. That is what my photography is about.

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5 Responses to Unique Edmonton Wedding Photographer {Alina & Nick}

  1. Amanda says:

    My favorite in the set!!! LOVE the light! Love the feeling!! AWESOME!

  2. Stephanie O says:

    These images are just luminous! Love them all. And especially love your words and reflections on the reason behind your art!

  3. Cheyenne says:

    These are phenomenal! Gorgeous!
    You all definitely know how to make people look spectacular, and truly capture those perfect moments of admiration and love between two people.
    I can’t get enough of your photos/blog.. they always make me smile.

    P.S. – Sarah did a fab job on the makeup too :)

  4. Dane Sanders says:

    Wow wow wow! These images are just incredible. Your clients are STOKED!

  5. Miles says:

    Excellent photography, as a newcomer to the world of photography sites like yours provide a great source of inspiration. Thanks.

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