Rhianne & Brendan {Blissfully Wed}

Rhianne & Brendan know how to put on a classy affair. From royal purple as their wedding color, to a very polished Ballroom first dance…their wedding impressed. It had been raining all week & was raining a little bit the morning of their wedding….we were all a little worried as we all really really wanted outdoor photos. Rhianne made the excellent choice to invest in a clear colored umbrella, and for most all of the day, we were lucky enough to avoid the rain! Honestly, I don’t think it would have mattered either way, because Rhianne & Brendan knew 100% what that day was about….. being married. I think they would have cozied up under that clear umbrella and cuddled & laughed even if it was pouring all around us.

I loved this wedding. I adore these two. May you two have many, many, well-structured-well-planned-out-thorough-timeline trips together *wink*.

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