Reflect the Love {Unique Edmonton Wedding Photography}

-By Adam

It has been a little while since we did one of our {Reflect the Love} blog posts.

One of the ways that we try to reflect the love is by helping other photographers grow their businesses and perfect

their craft. We do not think that we are the best or experts in everything, but if there is any way that we can help; we enjoy

doing so and dedicate a little chunk of our day to replying to emails.

 It is our ultimate goal to make the world a happier, more loving place where people are friends and marriages

are strong. If this is one little way that we can do that, by helping others, then awesome.

We do it in a formal way through our mentorship, but we also are more then happy to answer peoples emails & do

our best to get to everyone of them (even if it takes a little while).

That is one of the ways that we try to {Reflect the Love}. We hope our emails back to you (fellow photogs) help you &

we hope that you know that we are your biggest supporters!

We also want to share, how someone {reflected the love} back to us.

While purusing the web, we saw this comment that fellow (southern alberta) photographer Sheila Kurtz  had left about Radelle.

“…….. I talk to Radelle occasionally and she is a sweetheart and then some. Genuine.

I think every other photographer knows more than me, then after talking with some who share,

I find out we both learned from each other. I love that she loves people in love! Some people forget why they got married,

and she reminds us all. She is so real. Thanks.”

Sheila is a wonderful lady & a fantastic photographer (if you need photos & are in southern alberta, she is a great choice!)

and in this day & age, who takes the time to write something so nice? Not that many people. I know that Radelle

was bouncing around the office all day & thought that it was such a nice comment.

Its amazing how much kind words can brighten someone’s day.

On another {Reflect the Love} note I wanted to share something that I overheard Radelle saying.

As we were leaving the swimming pool the other night, Radelle stopped a man who was walking by and said

“was that your wife with the curly hair in there”? He said “yes”. Radelle said “I want you to tell her how bright &

cheery she seems. She caught my eye across the pool out of everyone there. She just seems like such a nice, happy

person. She glows”.

He smiled a big smile and said “she is without a doubt, the better half. Thankyou for telling me that”.

So, on that note, we have a challenge from our office to you (we will also do it!). Find someone…a stranger,

a friend, your spouse, your child and pay them an unexpected compliment or kind word.

Lets make someone’s day!

p.s. Tommorow the winner of our photography giveaway will be annouced.

So make sure you leave a comment letting us know how many of your friends became fans/likes!

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  1. Nice engagement shot, I like your style of photography, its inspiring! keep up!

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