My Mother Power Walking {San Fran Wedding Photographer)

If you follow our blog at all, then you know that my mother is both a health nut & an active lady (she just went sky diving last week). I remember being a child and seeing her doing calisthenics along with her video in our basement, in her black tights & black body suit. She was so fit & determined to stay that way. My dad would walk through the room & slap her behind. It was cute. Both her behind & how he slapped it.

As I got older, my mom got into the “art of power walking” (as she called it). She did it everyday, everywhere. One day I decided to see what she was so excited about & thought I would accompany her on this “walk” around the “block”.

I clearly had never seen a power walker in action. A little piece of my 15 year old self died that day.
And to be honest, has never come back.
I was reminded of this today when I was doing a little workout on Santa Cruz beach. I was helping someone who was lost, find their way back to the hotel. They were older & totally turned around. I whipped out my Garmin GPS (I wish I was joking) and trotted off ahead to find their hotel (so that I could come back & direct them exactly where to go with landmarks that I had found). It was turning out to be a decently long walk, so, with no other options (besides running. agh, don’t swear at me). I decided to work on “the art of power walking”.

And walk I did. Much like the video below.
I am THAT cool.

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  1. Sarah says:

    That is delightful! I certainly hope you had the full hip and are swing in sync, that’s important! :)

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