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…today I felt like a duck out of water. A diva out of Divaville. I went to an Industrial Auction sale

(yes you read right). This is the type of place where they sell cranes & backhoes & bobcats& cats & semi’s…..etc….

I was there to buy a backhoe. except that until part way through the day, I thought it was called a trackhoe

(ie: “which ring are the trackhoes selling in?”. My bidders manual informed me that the one my husband wanted

me to buy was a BACKHOE. We are building our dream house & apparently need this thing for the basement,

sewer (eww) lines, etc. I wore my pink felt coat & sassy pink striped rubber boats (hello, there WAS mud).

I wore the pink so that the auctioneer would notice me when I actually started to bid. You see, I was a she

in a sea of he. I did not see another female. for miles. Except my mom. But she doesnt count. I dragged her there.

For moral support (she laughed at me as I bid. pft). In case you are wondering…yes, I was the champion bidder.

No, I didnt go above the pre-approved limit that my husband gave me. & Yes, I rocked it. I was so nervous sitting there.

I saw that my BACKHOE (when I first typed that I typed bobcat. there is no hope for me) was up next. I was so nervous.

I asked my mom to just bid for me. She said heck no. I said “Rockwell is sleeping on me, I cant bid”. She said

“your one hand is free, thats all you need”. Then she said “Radelle, you are a professional business woman. Sure

this is not your domain, but you can do this. Just look like you belong. Like you do this everyday”. So I did internet.

When it came my turn to bid, I put on my best professional-i-can-buy-a-trackhoe/bobcat/backhoe face & I bought

that sucker. I bought it internet. My first piece of heavy machinery. It made me think about how many times I have

had to feel like a fish out of water, totally out of my element, not adaquate & scared….and had to buck up & get ‘er done

(yes, I talk like that now. Im down with the rustic machinery lingo). I had literally stood before with knees knocking

& after achieving the goal, felt like I could do anything.

So, whats holding you back? What are you going to do today that scares you?

Today I am going to

a) Bake Something MYSELF

b) SEW Something MYSELF

c) HIKE up a mountain

d) NOT go on facebook

e) HAVE a relaxing bath. (listen, I cannot slay all my dragons in one day)

p.s Adam & I will be in Hawaii shooting a wedding this next week. Email will be returned but just a wee bit slower. Kari will be up to full

steam though (dont feel bad for her, shes going to mexico for

weddings a few times this winter). :)

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3 Responses to Edmonton Wedding Photographer. Spruce Grove Photographer | Trackhoe

  1. Tanya says:

    HA HA HA!!!! HIlarious!!! Oh my goodness I love reading this blog!!!

  2. kaitlin s. says:

    you guys are so funny! every morning when i get up i check your blog first thing. because i love to have a good morning laugh. and when the posts aren’t funny, they are inspiring. either way it gets my day started.
    thank you!

  3. Kelly Hite says:

    That has to be one of the greatest posts I have read! You write so well- almost as good as you photograph! Cant wait to meet you at the J* workshop- and I hope you bring those boots, they sound FABULOUS!

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