Edmonton Wedding Photographer. {Reflect the Love}

I lost my dad to cancer when I was 17 years old. I miss him dearly. With my whole soul. I loved him, adored him & wanted to grow

up and marry him. Thankfully I did, Adam is so much like my dad and I love it. As a little girl, my dad called me a special name.

Various family members would also call me this nickname from timetotime, but my dad almost ALWAYS called me this name.

It was rarely Radelle, and almost always “my name”.

He called me Dee-Doll. When he called me Dee-doll, I felt like we were pals, old friends; but at the same time that I was his princess.

Within that name, I was his buddy & his angel all in one. It made me special & unique to him. It made me feel loved.

When Adam & I were falling in love, he would call me Dee-Doll from time to time, knowing how special it was to me. I loved it.

It was like a big mushy verbal hug from both my dad and my sweetheart. When we got married, he suprised me and had Dee-Doll

engraved on my ring. When I saw it, I wept like a baby.

This Christmas, we did a gift exchange with my siblings. We draw names & bought gifts. Kari’s husband Matt (who joined the

family this past July when they were married) had my name. I was nervous. The talk on the streets was that I was getting a

automated -spaghetti twirling fork. It was my turn to open my gifts. Im always scared to open gifts in front of people because

apparently my face tells it all. Even if my mouth is saying “I LOVE IT” my face may be saying


I reached into the box & pulled out a pink hoodie. I was so impressed. I LOVE pink. I LOVE hoodies. If you picture me

at my office working on your wedding images, im not likely in a highwaisted skirt with a stylish top and stilletto heels

(although I would prefer for you to picture me like this), but im likely in flip flops, lulus and a pink hoodie. While I was

ooggling the hoodie, impressed that Matt could peg me so well (what, so he’s only seen me wearing one 90%of the time???),

I spotted some personalization. On the waistband  off to the side was embroidered “Dee-Doll”. There are very few times in

my life when I have been instantly moved to tears (okay, a lot but still), but I literally burst into tears in front of everyone.

I was so overwhelmed by the meaning of the gesture. Especially in a month when I was really missing my dad. Tears were

literally dripping off my chin & I couldnt stay on top of wiping them off. As I looked around the living room, there wasnt a dry eye.

My emotions & the gesture from my new brother-in-law had affected everyone. The Love was reflecting around the living room.

It was like a moment out of a movie. The best movie ive ever seen.

I am so glad that Matt got me that hoodie. But I am even more greatful that he decided against embroidering “Hot Mama” on it

and instead put “Dee-Doll”.

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5 Responses to Edmonton Wedding Photographer. {Reflect the Love}

  1. Connley says:

    You wept when you opened it, and I wept as I read it. I am blessed to still have my Daddy, but fear the inevitable loss. God Bless you, and may your memories always be vivid and comforting.

  2. Hailey says:

    Oh yeah, tearing up here too….great post…and great gift!!! Yay for thoughtful men!

  3. Nancy Ravnsborg says:

    What a great story to share Radelle. Your Dad was a great and caring man, I’m sure whom ever knew him misses him. Thanks for the story, I also lost my Dad. My best friend. And I totally understand the special nick name and how you can hear them call you this. I miss him everyday and know that he is watching over me.
    I am very happy that you have found someone that understands the meaning of being Daddy’s little girl. as you will always be just that. One day you will be together again, and he will look at you and call your special name. Until then you have all the people who love you and understand how important you are in their lives, enjoy this time.

  4. Amanda says:

    Oh my goodness you know how to move me to tears Radelle! Oh man! I loved your Dad so much too and can’t even image your pain, but to have those tiny reminders of his love pop up like that is a heaven sent gift! What a blessing to have family so close!

  5. Christina says:

    Thank you for sharing and bringing a tear to my eye. It was so touching and thoughtful of Matt. You are an amazing women Radelle…. I meant Dee Doll.:)

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