Cheyenne & Darcy {Eternal Love}

**Their Rockin’ slideshow is HERE!!! **


Cheyenne & Darcy are so cute I could eat them both. I LOVED getting to know them & watch

their love. It was an honor to photograph the chemistry between them.

These two were the winners of our Eternal Love contest!

Just to show you how sweet Cheyenne is, here are some snippets from the lovely email that

she sent me the morning after our shoot. Love this girl! SO THOUGHTFULL!

Good morning Radelle!

I know it has only been approximately half a day since we saw you, but I just had to
write you on behalf of Darcy and myself to say a few things. Last night was so fun,
thrilling and meaningful to us. We had such a wonderful time and so enjoyed every
single minute of the shoot with you..
To us it was perfect!

Personally I had heard a lot about you from Sarah and kind of got to know a bit more
about you through the blog (which I read often because it always puts a smile on my
face); but you were an absolute delight in person. You are extremely talented and
phenomenal at what you do and your passion and joy for it shines through. We truly
feel honored we won and got the opportunity for this eternal love shoot. You make a
person feel so comfortable; and in turn make it surprisingly easy to rock what you
are made with.

Truth be told we were both really nervous. Extremely excited and
eager.. but nervous; and you made the whole evening feel as if we were just hanging
out with an old friend.

I think a lot of the time people forget how important being
personable and genuine is (especially when it involves what they do for a living),
and you have it without forcing it which is so refreshing. We did not think it was
possible you would be so kind, hilarious, generous and cute as a button all wrapped
up into one!

It was a pleasure to finally (really) meet you;
and once again thank you so, so very much

Much Love,


Makeup by the ever talented & fabulous Sarah from Faces By Olive.

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3 Responses to Cheyenne & Darcy {Eternal Love}

  1. Cheyenne says:

    Radelle, you capture couples and their personalities so well. It is such a beautiful experience looking through what you, Kari and Adam create on a daily basis. There is nothing quite like looking at the art of happiness and love.. it just makes you smile.
    I am so grateful and completely adore each and every one of these photos.
    I did not know I could look so beautiful until seeing these images!
    Thanks for capturing this moment in our lives.

  2. Krystal says:

    These are stunning, so fun!! they are stunning and your work is top notch!

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