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Edmonton Wedding Photographers {Reflect The Love}


{ Reflect The Love }

I have never met him before. Although I should have. Afterall, he is our neighbor.
Not long after coming home from Church, we heard a little tap on the door.
Confused, because we were not expecting company, I made sure Matt answered the door. (yes, I am a scaredy cat!!).
Thats when I saw him. Wearing nothing but a sweater/jeans, socks with sandals and a light blue scarf around his neck.
He just stepped outside for a quick cigarette. But locked himself outside in the -30 weather.
We invited him in, as he was waiting for about 20 minutes for
someone to arrive with keys.

He sat on our couch and we small talked for a little while. And thats when I learned that this was his first day off in 3 months
(I am sure his plans didn’t include hanging out with the burgess’!!)
He was in the army. And had another part time job.
There was something about him. He was quiet and kind.

Matt asked him if he liked Seinfeld, and thats when he grew a huge grin and nodded his head.

Matt and him ended up watching Seinfeld for a bit. While I was being Martha Stewart in the Kitchen.
I was making a batch of cookies.
But realized I had no chocolate chips. I turned to Matt and interupted their Seinfeld, and said…
‘oh nooo. we don’t have any chocolate chips for our cookies. I guess their just going to be dough.’
To which he said that he just fine with that =)

After the episode finished up, we said our goodbyes as his place was unlocked now.
While stepping out yesterday to run to the vehicle for something, Matt noticed something at his feet.
A bottle of wine, along with a bag of
…. Hershey’s chocolate chips…

With a beautiful note that said

‘ Just as a Thank You for helping out earlier.
Merry Christmas,
James. ‘

No James, Thank You. For being so Christ-like this Holiday season, and being such a beautiful example of
gratitude. It will always be a perfect reminder for us to be greatful for things big and small.
Thank you for taking time out of your day to show appreciation to a complete stranger.

Mucho Love,

Shane and Shellaine were a beautiful example of people who {Reflect the Love}, So I wanted to do a Shout Out to them!

Edmonton Wedding Photography


Edmonton Wedding Photography {Reflect the Love}

-By Adam

Kari, Radelle & I have been talking, and we wanted to start doing “somewhat regular” posts on this

blog called “Reflect the Love”. A bit of a play on our name Eternal REFLECTIONS photography!

What this will be, is either a)something nice & loving that was done to us or b)something nice &

loving that we did or c)something nice & loving that we plan to do & encourage you to do or

 d) a great loving quote or e)we will skip it and hope you dont notice :)

Why do we want to do a {Reflect the Love} series? Great question! We want to do this because

we love marriage. We love weddings. We love Relationships. But it takes more then a wedding day

 to keep that love going. To keep families strong. To keep families united. It takes {Reflecting the Love}.

We hope that by sharing things that have been done to us, or that we have had the honor to do, that we

will all be able to inspire one another to make our homes a little more loving, to talk a little more gently,

to be a little more tolerant.

So here it is!

- Over the weekend, I went out one evening and was doing a little bit of Christmas shopping for Radelle.

I had rockwell in the cart & he was mad. Screaming. He wanted down, but I didnt have the time to play cat

& mouse, so I asked him to please sit in the cart (and even offered him a sucker as fair bribery). But, he was

 mad. What was a father to do? I reassured him that I would be quick, and just kept pushing. He screamed.

Kicked his legs & put on a show. I felt like father of the year…but not really. People stared. I continued on,

not wanting to reward his tantrum, but wanting to give in just to get rid of the condemning stares. Just when

I thought I was going to give in, let the 2 year old win, an angel appeared. She had on an employee pin and

said “little girl” (I forgave her for mistaking his gender promptly) “dont you know santa is coming and you

cant be crying?” She was enough distraction that he instantly stopped crying. She chatted with him and

calmed him down talking to him about Christmas. She was an angel. I wanted to sweep her up and say

THANKYOU!! But worried that rockwell might find that confusing…. I want to give her a shout out.

Cathy, you were fantastic & I appreciated your kindness more then you know. Thank-you for stopping

the tantrum & for being so caring! 


- I want to give a shout out to Radelle. We had some vehicle trouble recently. No, not the breakin,

just some other stuff. We needed it looked at, but every repair shop was closed. We wouldnt have

been able to make it home. We pulled up to a small mom&pops shop & saw someone inside. I knocked

on the door & a gentleman came out and was MORE then willing to have a look at it, and spend time

on it (an hour!!!) fixing the problem. He was off work, im sure anxious to get home, but he did it. It

was very thoughtful. Radelle suggested that we buy him a gift certificate & take it to him the next day.

 We did & he got tears in his eyes. Both the mechanic & Radelle inspired me.


- I heard in church yesterday from one of our church leaders that one of the small nicest things

you can do to warm the hearts of mankind is to be a considerate driver. I am not always this person.

I am often out for myself and get easily annoyed at the other drivers on the road. We were taught

that when you (for example) let someone into your lane, it not only brightens their day & surprises

them, but something totally changes in YOUR attitude & demeanor. You instantly are more caring &

that can stay with you for the entire time. Kind gestures change our heart & make us better people.

This week, I commit to being a more courteous driver. I challenge you to do the same.

 Edmonton Wedding PhotographerMarlene & Chris are the perfect people to accompany this blog post as they are the epitomy of nice, kind & caring!!! Fantastic people!!

 Devonian Gardens WeddingsDevonain Gardens Wedding

Edmonton Wedding PhotographyDevonian Gardens WeddingsDevonian Gardens Weddings- By AdamEdmonton Wedding photographerEdmonton Wedding PhotographerEdmonton Wedding PHotographerEdmonton Wedding PHotographer


Marlene & Chris’ beautiful Ceremony was held in the amazing wedding location Devonian Gardens. Weddings at Devonian Gardens are always very nice, very picturesque & very unique. The staff at Devonian Gardens go over & above. They meet your wedding guests at the front gate, and greet them Edmonton style with golf carts, to drive them to your ceremony location in the Gardens. Every wedding that we have photographed there, goes off without a hitch & is just amazing. If you are looking for an outdoor venue for your Edmonton Wedding & want pictures with natural beauty & picturesque landscaping, then its worth your time to look into Devonain Gardens for your Edmonton Wedding.


p.s. Radelle’s cousin gave us a fun shout out here!

p.p.s. More of Marlenes wedding to come. We are slowly but surely getting our weddings from the summer featured up here (as well as current weddings!!)


From their Website:

Come experience the beauty and tranquility of the Devonian Botanic Garden and see why so many couples are choosing us as the site for their wedding ceremony and photographs. Our gardens, breathtaking scenery and dedication to customer service combine to create the perfect location for a special day.


A momentous occasion deserves an exceptional setting, and the Devonian Botanic Garden offers a choice of three extraordinary ceremony sites – the Wedding Lawn, the Alpine Garden and the Kurimoto Japanese Garden.  After your ceremony, you will have access to any area of the Garden for your photos – no need to travel elsewhere for a memorable backdrop!

Wedding & Special Events Department
780-987-3054 ext. 2223


Edmonton Wedding Photography | Have I done any good?

Edmonton Wedding Photography, Drayton Valley Photographer

I sat in church yesterday in my snakeskin (yes you read right) pointy toed cowboy boots (with a brown plaid skirty & flirty scarf if you mind) and listened as our bishop told how the youth had collected an enormous (it was insane!!) amount of food for the local Food Bank. I was humbled that a bunch of teenagers cared enough to step outside of themselvs and care about others.

It got me thinking… I feel like overall im a good person, I dontate to the needy and I genuinely care about people being cold or hungry or homeless…. but am I doing all that I can?

We went on to sing a hymn that went a lil’ somethin’ like this  “Have I done any good in the world today? Have I helped anyone in need? Have I cheered up the sad by making someone feel glad? If not I have failed indeed. Drayton Valley Photographer Has anyone’s burden been lighter today, because I was willing to share? Have the sick & the needy been helped on their way, when they needed my help was I there? …etc…  I felt humbled. Here I am living my dream, I have an amazing husband who makes me a better person, a better photographer, a better mom, I have a son who is the light of my life & makes me belly laugh daily. My “work” is my passion. I adore photography, I adore love & I get so excited for weddings. How many people can say there are giddy before they go to work, & stay up way to late after their “work” (wedding) looking over the work they did that day. I am building the house of my dreams, and if it must be said, my siblings & mom & inlaws rock. I have so much love in my life that it is overwhelming… in a good way. Oh, and the icing on the cake is that I have the cutest kitten Tommie. Im not a cat person, at all. But this little gaffer has won me over…

Anyways, do I do as much as I could? Im sad to say that I dont. I resolve to do more. To care more. To Love more.

As such, ERP is putting together a huge, HUUUGGEE care package for the Edmontons Womens Shelter.

Domestic violence is a cause that is near and dear to my heart, and I am honored to be able to help out in any small way.

We invite you to participate.

We are more then happy to swing by your place and pick up your donation if you wish.

When I think about women & children in the shelter, scared for their lives, I am so proud of them.

They risked incredible danger, and have taken a stand for themselves and their children. They are seeking out a better life.

They are stopping the cycle of abuse. They are my personal heros. Some excellent items are tolietries, women”y” things

(you know what I mean…), Diapers & wipes for babies, clothing, small toys or coloring books for kids, etc.

Im a big believer that every woman should feel beautiful, so I always throw in some “pampering” item as well like a nice lotion,

nail polish or my fave lipstick.

Here is to making the world a better place.

Much Love,


p.s. Wasnt my bride from saturday simply lovely???!

Edmonton Wedding Photography. Drayton Valley Photographer.