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FAQ– What are your questions?

Our studio has been crazy busy & we still are with weddings! This blog will have tons of new lovelies

coming up for you to look at! Stay tuned! We are just getting caught up with everything.

We just wanted to give you photographers a heads up that we will be doing more FAQ posts starting in
about a month. We have a folder in our inbox saved with tons of your emails and we will start answering them!
You are also welcome to ask us more & we will try to answer them!! or comment below.

Below are a couple of quick snapshots that a photographer (stephanie) who I was One on One  mentoring shot of me 2 weekends ago.




What lens?

I have recieved a lot of emails in the past week asking about lenses. I felt that rather then reply to each email, the same reply,

I would just do a quick blog post.

The question is, what lens(es) do you use?

Before I get into that, I want to be clear about one thing. I really, honestly do not feel that gear “makes” a photographer.

I was just as busy years ago, with a kit lens and a 20D then I am now (at a lower price point of course). In fact, my first

International First Place Award was shot with a kit lens. I kid you not.

 I honestly believe that the most important things at being a successfull wedding photographer is a)personality/spunk/good energy

 and b)”style”.

There, now that is out there.

Having a photography company with 3 photographers, we obviously have tons of gear…

but here are my personal lead horses (all canon):

50mm 1.2 L

85mm 1.2 L

70-200 2.8 L Version II

16-35 4.0 L

24-105 4.0 L

100mm L

I have a lot of different “looks” that I love, so I am often changing my lenses depending on what the mood/location calls for.

I hope that helps! Perhaps sometime when my schedule is a little less crazy I can explain what I use each lens for.

Until then,

Much Love,


"telling a photographer their camera takes nice pictures, is like telling a chef his oven makes great food"
-Terry White

Tips for shooting your first wedding


It was my great honor to do a guest spot on Brandis Allison’s blog regarding tips for shooting your first wedding.

Read the article/Tips HERE


A little of this, A little of that.

Photogs: What are you doing to BLOW them OUT of the WATER?

For my birthday dinner, we went to a brazillian steakhouse called The Rodizio Grill.
It was delicious! Everyone would take their seat at the table, and waiters would come around
with meat on a huge skewer. SO many different kinds.
Fish, steak, shrimp, pork, chicken, (and even chicken hearts…ewww).
And they would ask if you would like to try it.
You could eat as much as you wanted!
There was this one steak I really wanted to try, PARMESAN steak.
But I couldn’t try it.
Because it was wayyy to rare for me.
So I had to decline.
Very sad.
About 15 minutes later,
the same waiter came to the table with a smaller skewer and said,
would anyone like more parmesan steak?

I looked at him.
With a sad face and said
no, thank you.
He looks me straight in the eye, and said:
I know you really wanted some of this, so I went in the kitchen
and asked them to make some that was well done, just for you!

NOW that my friend. IS SERVICE.
I was blown away.
I couldn’t believe he spent his precious time
(that could have been focused on so many more customers)
on me.
He went over and above.
He made me feel SPECIAL. He made me feel like an IMPORTANT customer.
I even remember his name, Rudjio.

So, here is a question for photographers…
What are YOU doing to make to make yourself stand out to your clients.
To blow them out of the water. So they SCREAM YOUR name from the Mountain tops!
What are you doing to go OVER and ABOVE for them?
Just FOOD for THOUGHT (ignore my cheesy pun, I couldn’t resist)

Mucho love,

Here is what I am currently workin’ on. Isn’t she lovely?


FAQ for Photographers- Posing & Lighting

-By Radelle

(p.s. today is my birthday!! (hip circles & high kicks!)
(for my present you can fill out this survey!!! Pretty please)

Thankyou to everyone who emailed questions. I really really hope that you find these answers

useful for your photography craft & business. I wish when I was starting out (forever ago) that someone

had done FAQ blog posts for me!  Keep the questions coming & we will try our best to get to them.

(the next FAQ post will be on “Tips for shooting on the wedding day”, email if you have a specific question)

Much Love,

Radelle, Kari & Adam

Honestly, I'm a people person. I could have an hour long conversation with a brick wall,
but when it comes to shoots and posing I am awkward and quiet.
How do you tell people what they are doing looks completely
ridiculous with out making them feel bad or angry?

A: Excellent question! You have to remember that people don’t know what they look like when they are posing.

Classic example: I had Kari photograph Adam and I in a Eternal Love session last year. I was working it baby.

I mean really working it. I thought I looked sexy. I was pursing my lips & giving attitude galore. When we were

going through the images, I totally looked like a weirdo. The pursing wasn’t sexy & I looked in pain + scary.

2 lessons were learned that day 1) That when you are the model, its hard to tell if what you are doing is awesome or weird

2) as photographers we learned that it is our job to say “a little less purse, a little less (or in my case, a LOT less purse)

….there you go!”  We are the eyes behind the camera, WE can see what looks great!

I think you can really wreck the energy of the shoot if you are not careful in how you guide your clients. I always try to

remember that they are not professional models & are counting on me to make them look the best they have ever looked.

So if they do pose themselves in a very strange way, the best thing you can do (to keep the awesome energy up) is to shoot it.

Shoot it, encourage them & then guide them gently into a more flattering pose. This way they won’t shut down on you and

get self conscious, rather they get into it!

Another thing is to direct them. I often get right in there and show the bride exactly what I want.

(see photo of kari doing this below!)
I get my stylized high fashion looking (posed)  image, and then I go for a more natural look by being funny.

The couple laughs & I get to capture more of their relationship. I also get them talking about who they are as a couple

& funny stories come out, and I just have my camera always ready to start snapping those fun interactions!

A friend of mine wants me to do her wedding pictures for her. I'm not sure I can handle it though.
Is there any tips you can give me in how to handle a crowd as big as a wedding party and not have
them pulling me every different way saying,"Take a picture of this, take a picture of this." I'm afraid I'll
 end up not having any time to get pictures of the bride and groom.

I think its important to be open to suggestions as sometimes people see cute little things that are happening

that you don’t, however its also important to remember that it is your job to document the day in a way that the Bride

has hired you to. This means setting boundaries. Just as you cannot follow the flower girl around all day snapping her

every move, you cannot shoot every single person’s suggestion. Your job is to capture the images that the bride wants.

It is your job, as the professional to make sure that you get images of the bride & groom. I have been in situations where

everything ran so late that my picture time was squished down to nearly nothing (the reception was starting). I knew that

I did not have nearly enough images of the Bride & Groom to properly document their love, so in a casual moment at the

reception when people were just mingling about, I grabbed them and said “I need you for 10 minutes outside”. Ive never

worked so hard & fast! But I felt leaving that wedding that I had done a fabulous job. Couples are often caught up in their

big day (as they should be) and they are totally relying on you to capture the things they want most–so make that your priority.

If you need to, just say to whomever is pulling you around “I will capture that in just a few minutes, but my priority right now

is to make sure I get enough images of these two love birds! Thank you for pointing that out to me” (with a big smile).

I keep hearing you & other photographers talk about shooting “manual” but all of my photos are
 turning out blurry. How do you focus that quickly on manual instead of auto?

This is actually a question that we get a lot of! I think that this a common misunderstanding!

I think that when people read the word “manual”  on blogs or forums they are thinking auto or manual focus.

We shoot (most of the time) with our camera on AUTO focus. When we are talking about manual,

we are talking about the actual camera setting. The dial on the top. There is AV, TV, M ß the M is manual. This is where

you can adjust your ISO, shutter speed & aperature. A great place to learn how to use this setting is your camera manual

& utube videos! Learning this setting gives you complete control over your camera & the ability to shoot well in any

type of lighting situation! It gives you tons of power & full creative control!

lighting- It is a CONSTANT pain in the butt! I'm just starting out and I don't have the funds for any
kind of lighting equipment other than an external flash. Sometimes it's impossible to stay in
the shade though! What do you suggest I do for full on sunlight? Is there a cheap trick you know of?

I am not the type of photographer that you will see with lights stands & reflectors everywhere. I honestly think

that natural light is a million times more flattering, not to mention how akward it can make people feel (when my goal is

to make them look natural in front of my lens) so if I can get away with no flash, I totally do. During a wedding day

I typically will only use my flash during the Reception (and possibly ceremony–depending). When I am outside,

I expose for my clients skin, not the sky. As my darling  friend Jasmine Star says, if I cared about the sky more then the people,

I would be a nature photographer. Yes I could expose for the sky & add a flash, but I just feel that clients look

(and feel) more natural with natural light. So when you are shooting, look for natural reflectors–the sun hitting

a light colored building, a car, a sidewalk, and position your clients so that they are getting the glow off of that (see image below).

In terms of situations where there is no where to shoot but full on sunlight, I always choose to back light my clients &

expose for their skin. Not only does this add a glowy look to the photo (less glowy if the sun is really high), but it ensures

that their skin is perfectly exposed. Using this technique I can shoot anywhere.


FAQ Questions?

Hello Photographers!

I am working on a blog post answering the emails that I have from some of you.

This is last call (for at least a month) to get your questions in & we will happily answer them &

do a nice juicy blog post!

Either comment below (anonymous is fine as well!) or email

Looking forward to hearing from you & crafting a hopefully helpful blog post.


p.s. more of this E-session on Monday! Stay tuned


{Featured} Radelle Interviewed by the fabulous Brandis Allison

It was a huge honor to be asked by Columbus, Ohio
Photographer Brandis Allison for an exclusive interview!
I am so excited! You can read the feature here!

(or below!!)


Where are you located? Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

What type of photography do you specialize in? We only photograph couples in love. So weddings, Engagement & Sweetheart photos (same as Engagement, except the people are usually already married)

When did you get into photography and when did you decide to go into

business? 6 years ago. Yes I am an oldie! I hate to sound cliche, but I have always loved photography. I have 2 younger sisters and I have a box of photographs that I took of them, dressed up as brides, with mom’s white table cloth being their catherdral length veil. I chose a more “safe” education however and have my degree in psychology. As I was going through school, I started my business as a way to a)pursue my passion and b)make money in the summers that I had off. The business took off on fire & when I finished my degree I decided that my heart was into wedding photography and that it seemed way more fun then working as a psychologist. I didn’t have time for both, so I just continued growing my business.

How did you come to be apart of a team of photograhers? I think thats

soooo cool!

Simple. I started the company & got beyond busy. Then, I married my fabulous (& also well educated!) husband & he learned the craft (in like 1/2 the time it took me darn him!) and my sister (who could be my twin we are so similar as people) is our other partner. We each take our own wedding bookings. So on any given Saturday, we are at 3 different weddings. It is an amazing team & who else can have a business meeting on a chair lift at a ski resort with pizza for supper everynight but a family team? I realize that it wouldn’t work for everyone; but I am not lying when I say that we have never had a problem. Never an altrecation at all. It just works.

This is purely selfish of me, but I want to know how you started doing

Destination Weddings. That’s what I want to specialize in :)

Excellent question! Its one that I get emailed all the time, so im glad to be able to answer it on here. My brother was married in Alberta (in the winter), but wanted his wedding photos in Mexico. We made a trip of it & holidayed and did his photos. I plastered those photos all over my blog & at my Bridal Fair booth. Also, at my bridal fair booth I had a sign that said “Free Destination Photography”. Brides loved it. Essentially, they pay adam & I’s (or Kary & Matts) costs to get there (flight, hotel, car rental) and we cover their wedding for free. They recieve all of the touched up images on DVD along with a fabulous slideshow & other goodies. It is a win-win. They get 2 photographers to cover their rehersal dinner, wedding & day after shoot (1-2 hours) for usually around $2000-3000 (the cost of getting us there…) and we get a free holiday with fantastic people!

Once we booked our first “Free Destination Wedding” (we gave that bride a lovely album as a suprise & she did our advertising for us just by showing it to all of her friends/colleges), we blogged about it a lot. When you are doing something that is a fantastic deal–word spreads. We still offer 3 Free Destination Weddings per year; but we also take paid bookings now as people love our work & our name is out there.

In general, during a session, how many pics would you say you take to find “the right one”? With Engagements, I typically shoot around 100 images, and they recieve 80.

With weddings I typically shoot around 800 shots

Are you a self-taught photographer, or did you have someone to help

get you started? Totally self taught. Ive never ever 2nd shot for someone.

Can you tell us about your first paid job? What was it like? Were

you nervous and how did the images turn out? I wanted to chase my dream. So I went out and bought a camera & some memory cards. I put a sign up at my church that said “I want to shoot my first wedding. If you need a photographer, I will do it for $299″ I had a call in one day & shot their wedding. It was wierd. I was very confiden & yet I thought I was going to puke. The day went smoothly & I got lots of terrible shots & lots of okay shots. I cut off the top of the tall dad’s head in every single family photo. I went to my sisters house (who, at the time was far me “techy” then me) and said (while holding the memory card in my hand), so how do I get them off “here” and onto a disc? I didn’ even know. She showed me how & I burnt the couple a disc. That was my first wedding. I didn’t even have photoshop or any touchup software. It was humble beginings.

That wedding got me 8 weddings that first summer & things took off from there.


Do you have any formal schooling under your belt? Yes. I did a 2 year part-time diploma (while getting my psych degree & running my business). It was useless however as it was mostly all theory, history and about film & all I remember from it is the history of the camera.

How would you describe your photography style? I have a whole blog post on that HERE, but rather then have a style; I am inspired by each couple. If they are funky & loud & outspoken & hip…I capture that. If they are soft & tender & quiet & shy…I capture that. I just capture them.

Why should a client choose YOU to photograph them? I think because I capture THEM. I watch who they are, who they are together & I make sure to get images that show that. No one wants to look back at their wedding photos and think “well they are nice, but im not into all the sexy shots”..or “well they are nice, but they are so boring…I wanted more sexy/dramatic shots”. I read my couples & capture them. Also, I love it. I LOVE it!! My couples always comment on my energy and how much they love it & how fun the shoot was. I think that a boring photographer who is just doing it for the money can wreck your experience & your images. But when someone loves their job & is seriously smitten with your love, they will capture that in a magical way. That is what I try to do. I seriously tear up at every wedding; whether its in the ceremony or the speeches. People’s love touches my heart & inspires me.

Do you have all-time fave image? If so, can you share it with us?!

Tell us something about photography that you LOVE. I love capturing an image that I would want of Adam & I. When im shooting and see “that moment” through my camera, I get so excited because I know how much that is going to mean to that couple. I have canvases all over our home of “moments” in our life. Images of adam & I cuddling, laughing, etc. Images of my son & his personality & seeing them everyday enriches my life & reminds me how very blessed I am. Pictures on your wall, of the love in your life, fills up the soul.

Now tell us something you could do without, when it comes to

photography. The competitive, cut-throat mindset. People can sometimes get wierd. I have a large network of photographers that I love & share with & mentor & learn from. However, there are some other people out there (new & old photographers) who get so weird as soon as they decide to go into business. I love having photography in common with people! I far prefer people who are open & fun…instead of competitive & sneaky. Does that make sense? Can’t we all just love each other? :) Also, I rarely go to photography forums because as I read the threads, people are often so rude to one another & I think it is so sad & uncalled for.

There are a lot of other photographers new to their businesses that

will read this interview. Can you share your generalized workflow with

us? upload. Backup to 2 hard drives & burn to disc. Gut thoroughly. (while gutting jot down the numbers of the images that should be on the blog, and in the album). Touch up images for the blog & album. Hand images over to album designer to design. Process all of the photos in a way that makes them pop & look alive. Process my very favorites in a more time consuming Fine Art way to give them a classic ERP fine art collections look.

If you could give a starting photographer only ONE piece of advice,

what would it be and why?

I typed out this answer 4 times. I had TONS of advice. I think I will save them for future FAQ posts on my blog. I kept coming back to one piece of advice that I think is the most helpful & most valuable. I could tell you to “shoot wide open” or “learn your camera well”, but you can read that elsewhere. If you are just starting out; the best advice I can give you is this. Turn off your T.V. for 2 months. Im serious. People ask me all the time, “how do you do it?” or “how do you find the time”? Fact: I don’t watch T.V. (except the bachelor when its on *wink*)

That frees up hours every day.Uset that free time & buildup/ promote your business.

Here is what you should spend the next two months doing.

- Get super organized

- Offer to do free promotional pictures for a makeup artist showing before & after imges

- Get to know the wedding coordinators in your area

- Offer to take free images of a florists bouquets for their websites

- Blog, blog, blog

- Offer free shoots to your friends & put the images on facebook & tag them (then all their friends see your work!)

- Grab your married friends and do Engagement style shots

- Put your sister back in her wedding dress & do bridal style shots

- Design a nice website & logo

- Practice, practice until you know your camera & lenses to a t.

- Get a part-time job & use that money on awesome equiptment, workshops & mentoring.

- Shoot a wedding for free

- Offer to 2nd shoot for any photographer who is willing


What is the biggest mistake you’ve made when starting your photography

business? I really cannot imagine myself taking any different of a path to get to where I am today; then the one I took. My business grew faster then I even hoped, my passion grew & never died, and I am in love with my life.

I suppose if I were to get nit picky, I should have had better lenses long ago. However, on the flip side, knowing that (back then) I didn’t have all the best equiptment taught me so much about why people book their photographer. It was for me. They liked me. What I may have lacked in top of the line lenses, I made up for in enthusiasm, passion & personality. And my business soared.

Having Awesome lenses now however, certinally helps ;)

What is the greatest accomplishment thus far, in your artistic journey? I have started winning International Awards for my wedding photography, so in my little world; that feels pretty fantastic.

Who influences you personally and professionally? Jesus, Rockwell, Adam <—personally. People’s unique love, Romantic Music & Nature <— Professionally

What was the most memorable photography assignment for you? Can you

tell us about it? I have 4. 1) My son’s newborn photos. I am not a newborn photographer, but I felt a huge responsibility & honor in capturing him. This little man that I had made who was so precious. 2) when my neice was born at 2 lbs at I was able to capture those tender, uncertain moments with her & her parents. 3) My siblings weddings 4) Jessica & Ward’s wedding. Their wedding( & them) had so much style & such an amazing energy & love to it; that it literally helped to define me as a photographer. From that day on, I started seeking, attracting & shooting fabulous weddings for people with tons of style.

What type of shoot is your all-time fave? Weddings. Why? I love the real emotions. The nerves, the excitement, the tears, the joy. It is the biggest day in the couples life up to that point, the biggest decision that they will ever make. Families are together, there is joy & love & reunion. I just love it. It is so happy & celebratory. Im a bubbly person, so things that like that feed my soul. I love to see people in love. It makes me love the world.

Can you share a secret, that most people may not know about you? I wet the bed for far to many years as a child.

If Hollywood made a movie about your life, what would it be called and

who would play you? “Almost a Lady” and I would want Jennifer Aniston to play me.

Give me 5 words that best describe you. Happy, Bubbly, Romantic, Old Soul, in Love.

Describe a typical day in “Radelle Land”: Well there is good intentions of excerzing. sometimes it happends, sometimes it doesnt. I read my scriptures (im LDS) & pray. I make my son breakfast & return emails. Adam & I have work office hours where we edit our weddings/answer emails/etc. I always stay on top of my work; but I always always have time for my family. If I want to leave the office & take a beach day– I do. My clients never suffer or are waiting for me; but I realize that children are only small once. If I have to, I wake up very early & do my work. Just like anyone else, I am always working on the balance between career & family; but when I have to choose, I choose family. When you put that first, its like magic, the work always gets done.

What are you doing when you’re not behind the camera? Kissing my son’s chin dimple & my husband’s scruff. I also love horseback riding (dressage), reading (total book nerd), bike riding and holidaying. We make it a huge point to go on getaways often with & without or son. Even if they are just to the next town.




If you could be on a reality TV show, which one would you choose and

why? None.


Food: spaghetti

Beverage: Water or Hot Chocloate with way to much whipping cream

Dessert: Chocolate souflee. But honestly, im a Food girl, so id rather skip dessert & just eat extra spaghetti.

Movie: Im a reader. I rarely watch movies! But I loved blindside.

Book: Could never pick just one. BUT, on beach days, every year; I turn to my shopoholic series. Don’t judge.

Shoes: My pink high heels with rinestones on the heels. (don’t judge. they are sexy not trashy ;)

Word: Kindness

Emotion: Love

Noise: My son’s laughter

Smell: Bleach (seriously, LOVE it!)

Outside Activity: Bike Riding or horseback riding

City: Anywhere with Adam. Vashon Island I loved!

State: Anywhere with Adam (I LOVE California & Hawaii though. SURF girl!!)

What sets you apart from other local photographers in your area of

expertise? My personality, My passion, My experience.

Where do you see yourself professionally in 1, 3 and 5 years from now? I imagine I will still be capturing love & mentoring other photographers.

Are you currently working on anything new and special with regards to

your business? Yes, instead of workshops & phone consulting; we are doing One on One 2 day mentorships. With the 1st day being me sharing the “nity grity” of everything I know & not just inspirational fluff, the 2nd day being either a live wedding or a stylized shoot. Read more about it HERE.

What can we expect to see from you, image wise, in the month of May?

We have some super, super fabulous & stylish brides coming up. Kari will be in Mexico with the cutest couple ever, so stay tuned for that! We blog every day, so check back often


{Featured} the ever fab Jamie Delaine

I had the honor to interview my friend & fellow Canadian (shes in B.C) darling & sweet as pie, Jamie Delaine.

Jamie’s work is so exquisite that it appeals to every bride’s sense of romance, and yet so fresh & fun that Bride’s know they

will have fun with Jamie behind the camera. At only 19 years old, Jamie is quite the entrepreneur.

As taken from her website:

A girl in love with so many things. In love with living life, laughing until my stomach hurts, drinking green tea,

rainy Vancouver days, cardigan sweaters, learning to love people selflessly.

The little things make me smile & I don’t mean just any smile… the kind of smile that causes my cheeks to swallow my eyes.

Please read on & get to know more about my friend

Where is home?
I live in Surrey, BC -- a suburb of Vancouver!

If you could live anywhere on this awesome planet where would you build your dream
Oooh, so much of what makes home "home" to me is community. Family, friends, my
church body: because of that, I'm in love with Langley (a city close to Surrey) that
houses most of these lovely things. I'm absolutely in LOVE with Langley and would
definitely build my dream home out in the Langley country somewhere.

How would you describe your style?
I love anything quirky. My mom laughs at half of the things I wear out of the house
on most days... I guess I just have a lot of self-confidence. Quirky, colour,
laughter, joy.

What is your favourite photography accessory, other than your camera?
My Shootsac!

If you had to choose one lens which one would it be and why?
It used to be my Canon 35mm f/1.4 L lens. But, lately, it's been on the brink and
I've been without it for a few months while it's been repaired. I bought the Canon
24mm f/1.4L lens and I'm totally in love. That's my favourite.

How important is Photoshop in your final images?
Not that important. I do most of my processing in Lightroom and Photoshop is used
only for slight toning actions and a touch of sharpening!

Do you plan on buying any new equipment and if so what do you have your eyes on?
Not at the current moment, I'm super happy with the line-up I have.

A wedding photographer who inspires you?
Punam Bean.

A website and/or blog you visit often?
Facebook. Way too often. Also, Bleubird Vintage.

If you could give a starting photographer only ONE piece of advice, what would it be
and why?
Put so much personality onto your website, into your work and into your client
meetings that people will either love you or hate you. Secret to getting clients you
love. ;)

Something you’re still learning?
That I'm not invincible. So often, I try to do it all and all I do is end up falling
flat on my face. ;) I need to learn to rely on other people than myself.

What or who is the greatest love of your life?
Jesus Christ. 

What is your greatest fear?
I don't have any deep, paralyzing fears but: I hate the dark. I hate when people run
up the stairs behind me. I have terrible nerves and if you come around a corner too
fast, I'll scream. 

Something that is overrated?
Fast food.

Favourite food?
I'm such a freak, but... I just love salads.

Favourite sport?
To watch? Hockey (playoff or olympics, only.)
To play? All I do is run. HA!

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2 Day, One on One Mentorship for Wedding Photographers

P.S. The Rebekah im refering to (if you need to mentor with someone who has extensive camera & lens knowledge) can be found here. She is beyond FAB!!