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2 Day, One on One Mentorship for Wedding Photographers

P.S. The Rebekah im refering to (if you need to mentor with someone who has extensive camera & lens knowledge) can be found here. She is beyond FAB!!

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Edmonton Wedding Photographer { True to your gut-WPPI}

(Im sorry that the format on this text today is a little bit wonky. I have no idea why….le sigh)


I know that a lot of the professional photographers who read this blog are going to WPPI in Vegas (as are we),

and we are so excited to be meeting up with as many of you as possible
(and do a little consulting in our free time)!
We are so excited to be going to WPPI! We feel that no matter what field of work you are in, growing & learning is something that should always be a part of your “job”. It feeds your passion & creativity & teaches you improved skills.

Something that comes up in our consulting, is photographers who feel “second rate” or that they

are doing “everything wrong” after attending a workshop or a seminar. They seem to disregard all

of the wonderful things that they do! As such, I wanted to toss out one suggestion to all of the

photographers who are going to WPPI.

Be true to yourselves. True to your gut.

In settings like WPPI, it is so easy to idolize the speakers to the point where you take everything that they say as “gospel” and lose your “gut” and

your critical thinking skills (do I sound nerdy?).

I challenge you to listen critically to ideas/tips/suggestions and ask yourself

“would that further my career/goals”?. NOT EVERYTHING WILL. There is more then 1

way to skin a cat (what a gross description). But the fact is true. One of the industry leaders,

Jasmine Star, uses “auto white balance”, much to the aghast of some of her peers.  She bucks against

the norm and does what WORKS FOR HER. She listens to her gut & runs with that.  I think that is key.

Learn, but stay true to yourself, and listen to your gut. If everyone is saying that you MUST offer

boudour photography to your brides, but you do not want to, you don’t HAVE to. It is your business.

Do what you love & only that! I promise

you that then, and only then (when you are doing what you love) will it show in your images.

If a company is telling you that their album is “the best” & it is very, very popular, but you honestly

don’t care for the look of it; don’t carry it for your clients! Only offer/carry/do/process what feels right for you.

What fits for you. If you don’t love it & see the value in it, your clients will not either. (this goes for anything

not just products)

Here is a quick example of what I mean.   I have a colleague that went to a workshop where the gentlemen

teaching the workshop said that “hands down you would never get anywhere unless you exclusively

used prime lenses”. That is certainly his opinion, but it is just that. An opinion based on what FEELS

right with him (and that is totally valid!). I love me my primes…. but I also had a very sucessful business before I shot with mainly  just  primes.  Do not feel the need to jump on every trendy suggestion or question everything that you are doing. Leave WPPI with some

great solid suggestions, tips & ideas; but dont check who you are at the door & do not leave feeling like

you do not do anything right. Realise all that you do amazingly (a word?) and BUILD on that.

Just remember, even though you may not be on the stage, you are amazing in your own way and

your thoughts & insights & ideas are just as valuable as anyone elses. Honor them.  Hold on to that.

Learn all you can, but be true to your gut.

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Advice for WPPI–from one who knows (FAQ: Photographers)

I have shared a few of my thoughts in the past on WPPI & remembering to be true to your gut, here…. so I thought it would be great to bring in someone who was more detailed with their explanations then myself. So,today we have a guest blogger!



Let me introduce my amazingly talented friend Julie from Julie Renee Photography, based out of  Richmond, Va. Julie is an incredibly successful photographer, a warm & sweet friend and an amazing mother to a darling toddler boy. She also has an irrational phobia of penguins and belly buttons.  And yes, she knows that it makes her a weirdo.

Please enjoy her stellar advice below.


My first year at WPPI was a blur. Much like ones wedding day, I went into it excited and unsure of exactly what to expect, and I came out feeling overwhelmed and not quite remembering what had just happened to me. I did a few things right, and a whole lot of things stupid, and I’m happy to share my experiences with both so that my fellow photogs can go into this festival of awesomeness and get the absolute most out of it.

Here are, in my opinion, the top 10 things that any photographer should know before their first WPPI trip:

1. Know where (and how) to save money, and when to splurge. Everyone always talks about how cheap Vegas is, but I think that has a lot to do with the kind of experience you’re going for. If you are going to WPPI solely because you desperately need to learn a ton of information, but you have limited funds and don’t really care about the “experience,” there are plenty of ways to do Vegas on the cheap. The Hooters Hotel is right next to the MGM Grand convention center and I believe it’s around $29 per night. I’ve heard that it’s “safe and clean,” but I’m sure that’s relative. You can also go to a drugstore on the strip and get a few boxes of cereal bars, granola bars, some almonds, bottled water, etc; and have some cheap lunch and breakfast (with less calories too) than the food court or local restaurants. There are definitely ways to do things cheaper, but if you’re wanting a fun and quality “experience” as well, it’s hard to find many inexpensive options. We stayed at the MGM Grand last year, because we didn’t want to have to take a cab or walk too much, but it was pricey. This year, we got a deal online for the Signature at MGM Grand where it only cost about $6 more per day than the regular MGM. The benefit is that while it’s a separate hotel, it’s actually much closer to the convention center than the rooms at the regular MGM Grand. Also, it’s a suite, so we have an extra bed that we’re sharing with a friend so we can split the cost. If you did something like that with 4 girls, it would be pretty cheap. I shared a room with a stranger when I did a Jasmine Star workshop a couple of years ago, and we became fast buddies. The relationships you build there are a big part of the experience, so finding some cool girls (or guys) to room with could really enhance your experience. 

Last, it has a kitchenette, so we will buy some disposable bowls and spoons, and some milk and cereal and lunchmeat and bread, so we can have at least 2 meals per day that won’t need to be eaten at the food court. That will save us a TON of money (not to mention calories.)


2. Meals: The restaurants are world class, but crazy expensive. Maybe treat yourself once but most people end up at the MGM Grand’s food court for most meals. They have a McDonalds, Nathan’s Hot Dog, Pizza place, Asian Fare, and I think one or two other things. There’s also a Starbucks with fresh fruit and muffins for breakfast. Although they are “fast food,” the food court is fairly pricey, so be prepared for that. I’m pretty sure a McDonalds meal there is probably double what you would pay for it in your home town. I believe I remember a typical lunch of 1 Nathan’s Hot Dog (double yuck, I know…), a side of fries, and a bottled water costing around $17. Like I said, cereal bars and a can of almonds from Walgreens are a great option for breakfasts and snacks.

3. What to Wear: Repeat after me…”Comfort, comfort, comfort.” There are some cool kats who dress to impress, but the vast majority of us are rockin’ it in jeans. Make sure your shoes are super comfy because even if you’re staying in the MGM Grand, the walk from your room to the convention center is about a 2 mile hike (yes, the hotel is HUGE) and from the Convention center to the food court is close to a mile, so 3 times per day you’ll be making that hike as well. I brought my comfiest pair of ballet flats and still ended up wearing blisters on my feet. This year I’ll be rockin’ a pair of roomy TOMS and not giving a rats tush what people think. Also, dress in light layers because some of the classes are jam-packed with 3,000 people and it gets balmy. Others are like sub-zero freezers where your lips turn blue. Light layers are your friend, people.

4. What to Take To Classes: I brought my laptop (overachiever) and didn’t use it once. Many of the notes you’re taking involve drawing diagrams and there aren’t really power sources for laptops. It’s nice to have it to surf the internet between classes (if you don’t feel like making the great hike back to your room for only an hour) but it’s probs not worth lugging it around. Bring a notebook (new–there’s honestly a good chance you’ll fill it) and a few pens (if someone next to you forgets theirs, you can be that friendly guy/gal who lends them one and you make a new friend…bonus!) Also, bring a TON of business cards. The people you meet will want to keep in touch with you. Plus, many speakers have sponsors who give them things to give away, and the way they do that is have you drop your card in a bucket and then draw a card to pick the winner. When choosing a purse to bring (or whether to bring one at all), keep in mind that they will give you a swag bag when you check in that is full of advertisements and magazines, etc. You will most likely have that bag with you every day to hold all the things you’re given in each class and at the Trade Show, so you may not want to be carrying two heavy bags on your shoulder for all those miles you walk every day. Remember that if you maximize your schedule with classes, there isn’t time to go all the way back to your room in the middle of the day so most likely what you leave the room with in the morning is what you’re carrying on your back from 7am until 8pm or later.

5. Classes: Do your homework! If you see a topic that looks interesting to you, go to the website of the speaker and make sure their works jives with your style. That having been said, keep an open mind because the 3 classes that I got the absolute most out of my first year, and changed my business in incredible ways, were all taught by photographers that I had never heard of prior to WPPI. Then make up a schedule with all the classes you DEFINITELY want to take, and then the ones you would like to take, but are open to changing if something better comes along. I’m annoyingly organized, so I plan my entire week out on a spreadsheet so if I get invited to something, I’m able to take a quick look and see if I’m able to make it. Nobody can tell you what classes are best to take, because it all depends on what you need the most. Just remember that you will get a mix of classes that you actually LEARN something in, and classes where you may not learn anything, but you leave feeling INSPIRED. If there are two classes that are at the same time, and one is taught by a big name photog that you have a crush on but the topic doesn’t interest you, and the other is taught by some guy you’ve never heard of but the topic is exactly what you really need, I’d encourage you to attend the latter. Get a nice mixture of inspirational classes, and then those where you can get some meat to chew on once you get home.

6. Rockstars: Any of the bigger speakers like Yervant, Jerry Ghionis, Jasmine Star, Bob Davis, etc will have a line that forms for their class at least 2 hours prior to the class. This year, they are offering a “Preboard” system where you can choose up to 5 classes to pre-register for. This is excellent to ensure that you get a seat, but I imagine people will still be nutty enough to hop in line hours earlier, just so they can be within arms length of Jasmine when she tosses up a “Holllaaaa.” If you can’t preboard for one of these classes, be sure to be VERY early.

7. Trade Show: Plan to give yourself at least a good 2-3 hours on Monday for the Trade Show. IMHO, the Trade Show is one of the best parts of the convention. In addition to seeing some of the most incredible products available to us, and being able to touch and feel every album, print, canvas, and (if you’re like me) every gorge-tastic purse-like camera bag; you will also get a metric ton of coupons and freebies. On the first day (Monday) there are a lot of giveaways (for example, many album companies hand out coupons to the first 100 people who hit their booth for $100 off a sample album.) You will need a good amount of time to get through all of the hundreds of vendors, but it’s worth it to see what everyone has to offer.

8. Parties, Shootouts, and Outside Events: There are TONS of these to choose from, so pick one or two that interest you and then leave yourself a lot of open time. Throughout the week, you will (hopefully) meet new folks and get invited to various fun dinners and networking events so it’s nice not to be tied down to 6 parties and 5 shootouts that you paid a bajillion dollars for collectively. With that having been said, I personally will be at the Airplanes and Blazers party on Monday night. It’s a Mad Men/Red Carpet/Vintage Vegas/”Creative Black Tie” dress code, so you can’t just decide on a whim to go and show up in jeans and a blazer. I just went out today and bought Hubs and rock-worthy bow tie and fedora to wear with his pinstripe suit. Can we say Don Draper??? ; ) If a black tie party doesn’t interest you, there are tons of other more low-key options, just plan ahead because a few of them will require you to purchase tickets in advance (like the Airplanes and Blazers party.) I hope to see you there!

9. Cabbies: When you arrive at the airport in Vegas and go out to the cabs, repeat after me “MGM Grand, and PLEASE DON’T TAKE THE TUNNEL.” This is a common scam that the cabbies pull, and it increases your fare by about double. The MGM Grand is a stone’s throw from the airport, so the trip should be a very cheap one. I had heard about this before our first trip, but our driver, “Cabbie Mike,” seemed so darn nice and above-board that we didn’t think it was necessary. A few minutes later we were happily chatting away with Cabbie Mike while I notice us driving into a…yep, you guessed it, a TUNNEL. Cabbie Mike was a crook! I learned my lesson and on the way back I very nicely told our cabbie to “please don’t take the tunnel.” He looked annoyed, but hey, I saved myself $10!

10. Have fun! Work hard to meet some cool people in those first few days, because as one speaker last year said, “WPPI is like High School, only with Alcohol.” It’s sooooo painfully true. SOME people can be a wee bit catty and unwilling to venture outside their little click to make a new friend, so if you’re there alone, you can start to feel a bit isolated toward the end of the week. Make a few friends, and invite them to go have lunch or dinner one night! Last year, on the last day of the conference, I was walking to a class and noticed a woman walking along going the opposite direction, with tears streaming down her face. Something told me to stop and ask her if she was okay, so I did. It turns out she was just very lonely and ready to go home. She had had a catty girl make a comment about her in a class and it was the final straw…she just crumbled. I could see she wasn’t in the best mood, but I went out on a limb and asked this complete stranger if I could give her a hug. She shrugged her shoulders, but I went for it anyway. The most incredible thing happened…that woman, that total stranger, wrapped her arms around me like I was her long lost mother. We stood there in the middle of hundreds of people brushing past us, hugging while she sobbed quietly on my shoulder. After she composed herself, I asked her if she needed to talk, but said she was just going to go call her husband. I told her I’d say a prayer for her, and then just before we parted ways, she grinned through teary eyes and said “Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity.” As I walked off, I felt like our brief encounter had helped me somehow too. The point of all this, is to above all else, be nice. You can do some really awesome “networking” by simply loving on people that you encounter there.

So there you have it. The Top 10 things to know before you go. I hope you have an incredible time, and that you leave feeling both inspired and encouraged, and ready to watch your business take off! If you happen to see me walking by, stop me and give me a hug (or high-five, if that’s what you’re in to!) I look forward to meeting you!






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Edmonton Wedding Photographer| Good Service

Tonight I relearned the importance of service (& nice people). As a boutique photography studio, service to my brides & grooms is extremely important to me. I try to reply to emails so quick that it almost makes my brides wonder if I live online (I dont. I live in a normal house like the rest of you folks *wink*) , after a wedding I try to have a sneak peek online within 3 days…this because I think that if I was the bride, I would be dying to see some pictures, any pictures! Also, being an avid facebooker (I feel geeky even typing that, but alas it is the truth),

if I were a new bride I would want my profile picture changed pronto! When I am getting my clients

beautiful image DVD to them, I try, nay, I insist that my lovely couples have them in their hands within 3 weeks.

If my album designer is a day late with her design proofs for me, I am finding out why its late.

Its important to me that things are done in a timely manner for my amazing couples. As such, I feel that I

have 3 advantages in this business, a field that is often referred to as “saturated” and “over run with photographers”

and that is the following:

1) Excellent service. I treat my clients as Gold because I genuinely care. Them having the perfect experience

with amazing portraiture is extremely important to me. When I picture my artwork, portraying their love

hanging in their home ( a post on our lovely Gallery wraps coming soon),I seriously get goosebumps.

(the big ugly kind if you must know. Im not a pretty goosebumper)

2) Unique & Artistic Images. That tell YOUR story, not one that ive made up for you with cheesy poses.

3) A (somewhat *wink*) vibrant personality that puts couples at ease & makes for a fun time

& natural looking photos.

I think as professionals, it is crucial to know what our strengths are. What differs us from the competition.

One of the best things photographers can do this upcoming year is sitting down and writing what

their top 3 strengths are. Are your photos very very abstract & like nothing else out there?

Perhaps this will only appeal to a small portion of brides, however if you aknowledge your

uniqueness as a strength and something that makes you different & sets you apart, you will

do amazingly. However, if you as the professional photographer do not know what your

strengths are, how will your clients? It is not vain to learn what you rock at….it is crucial!

You must know what you have to offer & rock it out!

Tonight we had a consultation with a window supplier (we are building our dream home this upcoming year).

First of all, it must be said that I loved their website. I know, I know, how interesting can a window website be?

Well honestly, not that interesting…however it spoke alot about THEM as a company & what they were all about.

It honestly did not say a ton about what makes their windows unique, but rather what makes THEM unique.

I loved them instantly.

It was clear that they were extremely nice people, with excellent values.  In fact they had their values

written on their website. When our consultant came out, I was blown away by how genuine he was.

He knew his product inside& out (and it is an excellent & superior product) and was very confidant in it.

He knew that it would make us happy & suit our needs. He seemed to really listen & care about what was

important to us. I felt that he genuinely cared about making sure that they windows would suit our needs.

I tell photographers in consultations that if you honestly do not feel that you can provide what that couple

is after, do not take the booking. It is not fair to you or them. I had a client ask me once if I can do a very abstract, edgy,

highly textured style like Jesh de Rox (who I totally adore) and I said “no”. Sure, I could attempt it & probably do a good job,

but im NOT Jesh and if that is the style they were really wanting, they really really needed him. Its his brand. He is what

makes that “look” so spectacular. Anyways, ive gone off on a tangent. The other thing that impressed me greatly

about this “window guy” is how quickly he returned my emails. If I had a thought pop into my head or a question,

I could fire it off…check back a couple of hours later (sometimes even faster) and he had a detailed and caring

response sent back to me.

I guess in summary, as someone who provides a service to people, the teacher was the student tonight.

I was blown away & like I said “relearned” how important it is to stand apart from the sea of competition

by having amazing wedding photography service. This is not something you can fake. You cannot fake to care.

You have to really care & really love what you do & when you do; your service level will be amazing & make

your precious clients have the experience they deserve.

Those are my 2 cents for Friday.

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Unique & Romantic Edmonton Wedding Photographer| True Love & FAQ

radelle color sig 400

3 Things I know for sure:

1) These are probably the two nicest people walking the earth.

2) Seriously the sweetest car ride of my life (thankyou for being so kind for taking me

for a joy ride! that was so thoughtful of you to offer & I LOVED it! I’m STILL talking about it!)

3) They are both tenderhearted & friendly and will use that influence (and their obvious

good looks) to make such a difference in the world!


ERP’s Lesson on “Style” (FAQ for photographers)

I think that this wedding is an awesome example of why we dont specialize in “one style” of photography.

We feel that as talented professionals, it is our job & privledge to capture YOU, your love & your personality

(and not have some lame list of the 20 typical wedding day poses).


If we came with a set style (say traditional or photojournalistic or some other limiting word) of photography

 to your day, no matter how hard we tried, we would not fully capture you. and what YOU are all about.

So this is how we are able to go from (for example) a picturesque & romantic

golf course with lovely scenery and a veil blowing in the wind, to a funky back alley with graffiti.

Because our ultimate goals as your trusted photographer is to be in tune with you and your love.

 We are capturing moments, looks & feelings & yes, we are guiding you as models.

So while we do help pose & direct you (we realise you are not likely professional models, but would LOVE

to look like ones) We are not “creating” your love, we are merely guiding you and capturing your love.

(picture this: ahem…ahem…yes Janelle, just drop your hand…no, more elegantly, and jake…a more happy look

please, and looking at the camera, okay looking happy & in love. good, got it”.  BOO. We do not do that.

No one will look natural with that much guiding. But you wonder, well how will I look good with

no one guiding me? Excellent question! With much more savy moves. We are skilled in pose-ing you with

out making you look posed. Giving you an idea (through modeling it ourself & being fun) of what we

think would suit the surroundings & your personality and helping you run with that. Keeping the

attitude light & playful & tender, so that those emotions come through. We also think it is

key to be trained in “watching for moments”, having some trained intuition about certain

situations that will likely emit a very candid and real moment. One that isnt set up at all,

and one where the people involved dont even know that we are capturing it. Being skilled

enough with our cameras that we can nail such a quick & fleeting moment, is something

that is very important to us. Because you can never “redo” those brief interactions, and yet

they are the most important.


I guess folks what im trying to say is this: Photographers who we consult (we offer photographer consulting,

 but are filled right up until April) always ask “what do you say your style is”?  and we say, “we dont”.

If you puruse our work on our website, you will SEE our style & our techniques & what your photos will resemble.

 BUT we do not let “a style” guide our day. We let your love & who you are guide our day & we

capture that. So, THAT is our style.

YOU are.

so that makes sense right? clear as mud?

We encourage all photographers to shoot from this point of view, rather

then go to a wedding or shoot with your main focus being on YOUR style. Get in tune

with your clients, & shoot their style.

Who they are & what their love looks like.

Funky Edmonton Wedding PhotographyFunky Edmonton Wedding PhotographyI Love the tenderness in this next one. So real. I picture this above their bed on a huge canvas.Funky Edmonton Wedding PhotographyFunky Edmonton Wedding PhotographyThis sweet & real moment occured seconds after the walked down the aisle and out the church doors. I love this moment. JUST them.Funky Edmonton Wedding PhotographyFunky Edmonton Wedding PhotographyFunky Edmonton Wedding PhotographyFunky Edmonton Wedding PhotographyFunky Edmonton Wedding PhotographyFunky Edmonton Wedding PhotographyFunky Edmonton Wedding PhotographyI love stylish groomsFunky Edmonton Wedding PhotographyThis is my favorite type of wedding party portrait & love when I get a wedding party whose vibe is one of rock n’ roll.Funky Edmonton Wedding Photographyphotog faves (21) copyphotog faves (71) copy

Funky Edmonton Wedding PhotographyFunky Edmonton Wedding PhotographyFunky Edmonton Wedding PhotographyFunky Edmonton Wedding PhotographyFunky Edmonton Wedding PhotographyFunky Edmonton Wedding PhotographyFunky Edmonton Wedding PhotographyFunky Edmonton Wedding PhotographyFunky Edmonton Wedding Photography


Funky Edmonton Wedding Photography


Eternal Reflections Photography is an International Award winning studio providing glamorous wedding photography for Fabulous People. With Roots in Edmonton, Alberta, Eternal Reflections photographs Edmonton (& area) Weddings & is an leader in International Wedding Photography. Eternal Reflections Photography also provides consulting and workshops for photographers wishing to grow their business & learn luxury wedding


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Edmonton Wedding Photographer| For Photographers

For Photographers (a part of a FAQ segments)
Edmonton Wedding PhotographerMy 2 cents on New Years Goals.
Goal setting is a powerful tool and as a photographer, I think that it is essential.
If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. I heard from Jasmine Star that 95% of all
photography companies will fail in the first 3 years. That is just crazy! You
want to have staying power and while there are many components to that
(that we will discuss in future FAQ posts) one of the ones that we have found most
 successful is goal setting.
People often get their back up about "new years resolutions" as they feel that if they dont write any,
then they will not fail. However,
Ever notice how your life never really stays the same? You're either improving it or
 damaging it, your actions aren't neutral. Tell me, would you plan a wedding without
all the fine details? What about take an exotic vacation without first making plans?
 So why is it that we go through life sometimes and not have a clear plan or vision as
to what we want out of it?

By setting the goal and making the plan, this plants a vision in your mind and also your
subconscious mind. During this process the subconscious mind is given a set of instructions
 to follow and carry out.
I am a huge believer in New Years Goals. Every year I write goals in my life in categories.
"physical, spiritual, financial, just for fun/family, self sufficiency, Professional".
I would say that in total I set around 70 goals. On average, I complete around 40 of these.
Sure that is just over half (perhaps not THAT impressive), however, how many of them
would I have accomplished if I didnt set any? Not likely very many.
What has been very interesting to me, is that
at the end of the year I have gone back and read them, and there are always alot that
I totally forgot about, yet somehow accomplished.
I think one of the key things, is as you are writing the goals down, really picture
yourself achieveing that goal & imagine what it would feel like.
I know that a lot of people will say pft its a waste of time. But I really feel that
 it is worth your time & energy. It gives you focus & it has been proven that your brain
works on the goals & finding ways for you to accomplish them; even when you have long
since "forgotten" about them. Interestingly, I wrote goals 5 years ago for where I wanted
to be in 5 years time. I accomplished every single one of those goals in 2 years and even
blew some of them totally out of the water. While I am a goal focused person, I cannot say
 that I was obsessed or really focused on getting them scratched off my list...rather I
had put them out there, and they found a way to me. (if that makes any sense in sort of a hippie way).
I now have 10 years goals....(yes owning an airplane is on them)...and im excited to see
how quickly they will be accomplished. At the risk of sounding like a cheesey
motivational high school guest speaker (although I would secretly love to be one)-----
Deciding what you want is risky. Telling someone else can feel uncomfortable. 
You might feel like you've got to preface it with something like, "Please don't 
tell anyone, Can you keep a secret, I know it sounds crazy, but" But you know what? 
People who set and achieve awesome goals are risk takers, they've learned to be.
 They know that they've got the privilege and duty to design their own lives, 
make their own decisions. They dare to dream, and dream big. So challange yourself,
 set personal & business goals, FEEL them, and then get on with life being excited
 about your future. You can be the photographer that you desire to be. You will be 
amazed at all that you accomplish. 

Eternal Reflections Photography is an International Award winning studio providing glamorous

 wedding photography for Fabulous People. With Roots in Edmonton, Alberta, Eternal Reflections 

photographs Edmonton (& area) Weddings & is an leader in International Wedding Photography. 

Eternal Reflections Photography also provides consulting and workshops for photographers wishing

 to grow their business & learn luxury wedding
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Fall 2010 Workshop—Full

Faves (19)copy

About a week ago we reached our limit for our fall 2010 workshop. We are replying to all of those photographer’s who inquired individually, however we have not emailed everyone yet, so we wanted to just put this on the blog & let you know that we will give you a personalized email with the option to be first on our spring 2011 workshop list.

In a couple of months we will be releasing details regarding the Spring 2011 workshop. If you wish to be on that email list (to recieve the details), email us & we will add you.

Those of you who emailed after the Fall 2010 workshop was full, will get first dibs on the spring workshop in a first come first serve basis until it is full.


Stay tuned to a new blog post coming your way soon!

Much Love,

Adam, Radelle & Kari




Eternal Reflections Photography is an International Award winning studio providing glamerous wedding photography for Fabulous People. With Roots in Edmonton, Alberta, Eternal Reflections photographs Edmonton (& area) Weddings & is an leader in International Wedding Photography. Eternal Reflections Photography also provides consulting and workshops for photographers wishing to grow their business & learn luxury wedding photography.

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FAQ for photographers.

-By Radelle, Adam & Kari

FAQ photographers

Lindsay wrote, “your work always looks so fresh & original. How do you do it?”
Well Lindsay (& other photographers!), everything! Seriously, sometimes it is the mischevious glint in the ring bearers eyes, sometimes it is the style of the dress, sometimes it is a storefront ad (abercrombie for example) that looks emotional & raw. Sometimes it is visiting our grandparents, sometimes it is Rockwell. Stay tuned to your surroundings & feelings and you will be amazed at how inspiring your own life is.


Eternal Reflections Photography is an International Award winning studio providing glamerous wedding photography for Fabulous People. With Roots in Edmonton, Alberta, Eternal Reflections photographs Edmonton (& area) Weddings & is an leader in International Wedding Photography. Eternal Reflections Photography also provides consulting and workshops for photographers wishing to grow their business & learn luxury wedding photography.

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Edmonton Wedding Photographers/Edmonton Photography/Edmonton Weddings

Answering some email questions!
We get a lot of emails from Brides & Photographers asking us questions! We have a very great FAQ section on our site, but its still nice to answer some on here. So here it goes!
For the Photographers
Q: How do you get such great expressions out of your clients?

A: Be ridiculously funny. We’ve been known to make total fools out of ourselves to get our couples to laugh! No but in all seriousness, whether its the laughing-having a great time expression or the really tender moments that we capture, we credit it to our love of love. We are genuinely so excited to go to “work” and love being at the wedding and seeing the bride & groom in love. If you feel “meh” towards weddings or wedding photography at all, do your self a favor and the brides a favor and specialize in something else. You should be there with your full heart, and then that is when you get those really fantastic images. When we first started up a gazillion years ago, we also did family & newborn portraiture. Our hearts were not in it. We did not feel that same excitement as we feel when we are photographing a wedding. So we followed our hearts and now we only photograph weddings. Find what you are passionate about and specialize in that. Not only will you naturally produce happy, emotion filled images of your couples, but you will become an industry leader because all your creative energy is in one area. So in summary, find what you love, love what you do, and the art will create itself!
Q: What are two things that help to make photographing a wedding easier?
A: We are in love with 2 things at the moment. Our GPS & our shootsac.

Q: Can I pick your brain?
A: Yes. We offer consulting & workshops.

For the Bride & Groom
Are you awesome? yes.
Can you prove it? yes.
Watch this
(video by Nostalgia Media)

Much Love,
Adam , Radelle & Kari

Edmonton Wedding Photographers/Edmonton Photography/Edmonton Weddings

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