{Part III Jamie and Craig} Rock the Dress

The moment I saw this Yellow wall/building I KNEW we had to come here to get some photos! Jamie and Craig had decided that they would want a day after/Rock the dress session!
We had the most beautiful weather and I loved the fact that Jamie was game to do anything!!
Here is a little snippet from her Rock the Dress session!

Isn’t she SO lovely?

Um, hello gorgeous!!

Craig was looking extra dapper!

One of my favorites!

Jamie had some seriously killer shoes!

They are so in love.

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Part II {Jamie and Craig} Luxury Destination Wedding Cancun Mexico

Part II Of Jamie and Craigs Fabulous Luxury Destination Wedding in Cancun Mexico.
Jamie and Craig got engaged in Mexico, so it was only fitting that they said “I do” there as well.
I stand in awe, because I was able to capture and witness such a true form of love.

*make sure you stop by tomorrow, the Trash the Dress will be up!*

You can feel the love in these photos.

Jamie, You are exquisite.

I don’t think there was a minute that passed by when these two lovebirds were not laughing.

Point Proven. They laugh all the time.

When I was taking this photo, I couldn’t help but notice the way Craig was staring at her.

Luxurious Victoria and Vancouver Island Wedding Photographer

I am sorry, I didn’t realize I would be photography Canadas Next Top Models… seriously! How gorgeous are these ladies!!
AND, they are super super sweet!

Anything Jamie does is with class. She exudes beauty

Fabulous Vancouver Island Wedding Photographer Luxurious Victoria and Vancouver Island Wedding Photographer Award Winning Wedding Photographer for Vancouver Island and Victoria BC Vancouver and Vancouver Island Award winning Luxury wedding photographer

One of my favorites.

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Jamie and Craig {Part I} Mexico Cancun Luxury Destination Wedding Photographer

The moment Jamie and I met in the hotel lobby, I knew we would be instant friends.
Her vivacious, loving, funny, kind & caring personality could not be missed.

Jamie & Craig,
Thank you so much for allowing me to capture your love.
It wasn’t hard.
Your love radiates.
Anyone can see that.
The way Craig sniffled as you walked down the aisle.
Jamie, your smile could not have been bigger.
I am so thrilled for you both.
As Pheobe off of ‘Friends’ says, “you have found your lobster”.
I know you both will grow old together. Sitting side by side. Holding hands.
Madly in love.

Have a fabulous honeymoon in Mexico!

*Stay tuned for Part II and Part III on Tuesday and Wednesday*

Jamie had the most elegant wedding gown. Its not typical not to pair a beach with a full blown wedding gown, and she did it. SO beautifully.

Everything Jamie does, is done with elegance and grace.

Shooting Destinatinon Weddings in Mexico allows for great colorful backdrops that make my heart swoon.

These pearls are precious. Her grandfather bought these pearls for his wife over in Korea and brought them back for her.
And Jamie had the privledge of wearing them as a bracelet on her wedding day.

Her mother couldn’t help but tear up anytime she saw her beautiful little girl getting ready.
Seeing them cry together made me cry.

Her dad walking his only little girl down the aisle.

You could just FEEL the love during the ceremony.

Fabulous Luxury Destination Wedding Photography. Italy Luxury Destination wedding photography, Mexico Destination Wedding photography. Drayton Valley Fabulous photographer.
Victoria and Vancouver Island Luxury Wedding Photography for Fabulous couples in love.

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[Amanda & Craig] Edmonton Wedding Photographer

When I sat down to meet Amanda and Craig, they had immediately stole my heart for many reasons, one being that they had brought me a chocolate cheesecake! delish!

Amanda is such a bubbly fun person to be around! We giggled through our entire consultation while Craig told me the ‘real’ story of how they met.
These two are as genuine as it gets. They have a way to make everyone around them feel special and loved.

Their vows brought tears and laughter, even when Craig promised to love Amanda even with her Bon Jovi obsession.

It was a privilege to be a part of their wedding day.

Reception: Red Tail Landing, Edmonton
Ceremony Location: Festival Place, Sherwood Park
Hair: Crystal from Perugia Salon and Spa
Ceremony/Reception Tents & Decor: Special Event Rentals

Limo: BlackGold Limo
Reception Slideshow: A Love Story– A MUST SEE!!!


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Glamorous Victoria Wedding Photographer- Royal Roads University.

Part II
Like I had mentioned in my previous post- this bridal session was shot at the Royal Rhodes University in Victoria!


It really worked out so beautifully, because Ana, is originally from Europe! And shooting at the Royal Roads University, made the photos even
more personal to Ana, and it helped to capture her heritage.
Seeing her wear red lipstick did my heart good. Because, I LOVE red lipstick. And I try to wear it often.
I think we are kindred spirits! The red lipstick alone is enough evidence that we are.

Make sure you see Part I of this European Bridal Session (just scroll down a smidgen)

Stay Fabulous,

Eternal Reflections Photography is an International Award winning studio providing glamorous Edmonton & Vancouver wedding photography for Fabulous People.
Eternal Reflections Photography has
been chosen to receive the Bride’s Choice Award(TM) 2010 from wedding wire & Martha Stewart Weddings for Best Photographers in North America.

With Roots in Edmonton, Alberta, Eternal Reflections photographs Edmonton & Vancouver Weddings as well as Jasper Weddings, Banff Weddings, and surrounding areas. ERP as an Edmonton and Vancouver Wedding Photographer is an leader in International Wedding Photography.
Eternal Reflections Photography also provides consulting and workshops for photographers wishing to grow their business & learn luxury and unique wedding photography.

Vancouver Island Glamorous Wedding Photography. City of Vancouver fabulous wedding photography. Royal Roads University Wedding Photography. Italy and Europe Destination Wedding Photography.

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Cute as a Button Part III

Christmas is coming, and boy oh boy, can I feel the love in the air. Everyone is cheerful, kind, and loving. I love the holiday season. It does my heart good.
But, how lucky am I to have a job where I can `feel the love`all year long!  I`ve said it numerous times before and I`ll say it again, I LOVE LOVE! Whether it is
weddings, engagements or an eternal love shoot! I love anything that has to do with love!
Any shoot I go and do, once I get into my car to go home… I am on a `love high`. Seriously.
I wouldn`t be suprised if I even walked like a in a `S`shape from the car to the front door. ( I think the neighbors are gettin suspicious).
When Matt comes and greets me at the door to help me carry in my equipment, he always asks- `so how did it go?`
At that moment I flop my whole body onto the couch, cross my ankles and say `it was marvelous. fantastic. beautiful. romantic. fun….`
When I list more than 10 adjectives, Matt then knows that I am on my `love high`and will proceed into the kitchen and make me my Chai Roobos Tea and rub my sore achy feet.
To be completely honest. Ever since I met Matt and we started dating- I have always been in a `love high`. He makes me feel loved everyday.
I am so grateful for that. Like I said before, I am so lucky in my life.

So here you go my lovelies, Part III

The amazing signs are from: Our Hobby To Your Home ! They are FABULOUS in EVERY way possible.

Fabulous Vancouver wedding photographer

Victoria Wedding Photographer for Fabulous People

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Cute as a button. Part II

“My love, you know you are my best friend. You know that I’d do anything for you And my love, let nothing come between us.
My love for you is strong and true. ”
Sarah McLachlan

Here you go my lovelies!!! Part II
(Oh, and be sure to be check back here tomorrow- ahh, you guessed it. There is a Part III!)

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Featured: The Wedding Chicks

I am so beyond thrilled! 2011 has already been so good to me! But to be featured on Wedding Chicks is the Cherry on top- actually its more like a bazillion cherries on top!
Fa’ reals.
We have been featured on The Wedding Chicks a number of times before and we are actually a Preferred Vendor, but everytime we get
featured… it calls for a celebration- because it is just THAT great!!

This shoot took place at such a lovely vineyard outside of Victoria BC!!
I was able to be teamed up with such amazing floral designers- Verbena Floral Design and they did a fabulous job as well!
It is such an honor to work with so many vendors that have unbelievable talent!

Life is good. Very very good.
Happy Wednesday.

Mucho Love,

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Sheryl + Ken | Varadero, Cuba Destination Wedding Photography

They have been together for 11 years.

Photographing their lovely wedding in Cuba was an honor.
Their love was so obvious. They are each other’s best friend.

Cuba has been their second home for many years.
Many memories have been created there.

On the wedding day we ventured into Varadero and shot at Al Capone’s house, then went to the streets of Varadero and finished at the  Dupont Mansion.

Sheryl and Ken, I wish you many years of happiness together. Thank you for allowing me to come and photograph your love. It is inspiring.

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.Cute. .As. .A. .Button. Part I

As you know, Matt and I recently moved to Victoria BC.  It is beautiful here. Not gonna lie. I am really diggin’ it.

Before living here, I only saw wineries in the movies-yes I know, I am probably what you’d call a ‘sheltered country bumkin’. Edmonton just didn’t have wineries.
A few weeks ago I was able to shoot at the amazing Starling Lane Wineries! It was incredibly beautiful! And a little bird told me that a few years earlier,
Martha Stewart was there for nearly 2 weeks filming something… (yes, I totally just dropped the name of a famous person- I thought I’d sound cooler if I did..)

I feel beyond blessed in my life. Each and every moring I wake up and I love every aspect of my life. I love my job. I love  the man I wake up next to in the morning. I love my friends and my family.
I am so grateful for everything in my life.
I love what I do. I love that I get to meet such fabulous people along the way. I am very happy. And that is all I could ever want.

Part I:

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WOW! When I got contacted by Kristine from InFrame Bride, my heart nearly stopped beating.
I feel so honored  that such a high end luxury wedding blog/magazine would want to feature my Sweet Yellow Love shoot!

Today, I am going to take the day off. And just dance all day. Shakin’ what my momma gave me. Because I am THAT excited!
Again, the fabulous talent behind it all….
Hair: Danielle from David Levi Salon. Florist: Erica from Rook & Rose Floral Design Boutique. Makeup: Sharon Clarke  (

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{Sweet Yellow Love Part II}

One of my favorite songs is from the Beatles “All You Need Is Love”.  Not only is the tune catchy, but the words are so true.
So no matter what goes wrong in my day or  what stresses I am dealing with, at night I lay beside the one who loves me the most,
and that is when those lyrics sing true. Every worry fades away because I know that I am loved.

This  shoot took place in  Victoria at a beautiful park (and then later went to the ocean) It was quiet. It was peaceful.
Their love was shown in their smiles. Their laughs. In their eyes as they looked at one another.

How delicious is this light? Very.

Hair Salon: Danielle with David Levi Salon out of Victoria
Florist: The amazing Erica with Rook & Rose Floral Design Boutique out of Victoria
Makeup: Sharon Clarke – Victoria Make up Arist-

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Cancun Destination Wedding Photographer/ Unique Wedding Photographer {Formals}

{Shannon and Tyler Formals Part I}

3 Things I Know For sure….

1. Shannons fabulous toe ring made me go and buy one of my own.
2. I feel like I am a part of their family!! No really, I do! Helllo cousin!
*We had to refer to eachother as cousins, because the resort doesn’t allow outside photographers. gulp!*
3. Shannon and Tyler define Love. They Know Love. They Live Love.
Shannon and Tyler, thank you for inviting to to document your wedding day. I am 100% positive that it was just a start to amazing and fabulous things in your lives.
I wish you all the best in the world…
Thank you again.
Kari (your ‘almost’ cousin)

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Edmonton Wedding Photographer {Sarah}

More info on how to book (&details of) this type of shoot to come later.

But for now


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