Jamie and Craig {Part I} Mexico Cancun Luxury Destination Wedding Photographer

The moment Jamie and I met in the hotel lobby, I knew we would be instant friends.
Her vivacious, loving, funny, kind & caring personality could not be missed.

Jamie & Craig,
Thank you so much for allowing me to capture your love.
It wasn’t hard.
Your love radiates.
Anyone can see that.
The way Craig sniffled as you walked down the aisle.
Jamie, your smile could not have been bigger.
I am so thrilled for you both.
As Pheobe off of ‘Friends’ says, “you have found your lobster”.
I know you both will grow old together. Sitting side by side. Holding hands.
Madly in love.

Have a fabulous honeymoon in Mexico!

*Stay tuned for Part II and Part III on Tuesday and Wednesday*

Jamie had the most elegant wedding gown. Its not typical not to pair a beach with a full blown wedding gown, and she did it. SO beautifully.

Everything Jamie does, is done with elegance and grace.

Shooting Destinatinon Weddings in Mexico allows for great colorful backdrops that make my heart swoon.

These pearls are precious. Her grandfather bought these pearls for his wife over in Korea and brought them back for her.
And Jamie had the privledge of wearing them as a bracelet on her wedding day.

Her mother couldn’t help but tear up anytime she saw her beautiful little girl getting ready.
Seeing them cry together made me cry.

Her dad walking his only little girl down the aisle.

You could just FEEL the love during the ceremony.

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Victoria and Vancouver Island Luxury Wedding Photography for Fabulous couples in love.


Ocean Coral & Turquesa {Cancun Wedding Photographer}

Kailin & Chris contacted me a while ago about traveling from Edmonton, Alberta to their amazing Destination wedding at the Ocean Coral & Turquesa in Cancun, Mexico. Because we love to fill our winter with endless destination weddings, I of course was very excited to go. Their wedding did not disappoint! Destination weddings have a surreal, exciting feel…all mixed together with a calm and serenity that you typically do not find on a wedding day. I think the feelings that you feel when you go on a great holiday (excited, surreal, calm, relaxed) are carried into the wedding by the bride & groom and each and every guest. So destination weddings tend to have just the best feelings above them.
Kailin & Chris’s wedding had this exact vibe. The ocean & the ocean coral & Turquesa provided an absolute perfect & varied backdrop for the type of wedding photos that we wanted.

Kailin & Chris, it was YOUR day, the one you have been waiting for & it was perfect. Thank you for commissioning me to photograph your amazing wedding. I had a blast. Enjoy your sneak peek!
The Rock the Dress sneak peek will be up very soon, so stay tuned it is awesome!

p.s. give the page a moment to load (it‘s a lot of pictures)…it’s worth it! Also, this is best viewed on a computer & not iphone/ipad.

p.p.s. you can see loads of other destination wedding photos HERE (including weddings in Hawaii, Mexico, Japan & Italy!)


Rock the Dress Cancun Style

I am so excited to show these Rock the Dress photos from Kailin & Chris’s wedding at the Ocean Coral & Turquesa resort in Cancun! I LOVE shooting Rock the Dress shoots, there is no strict timeline, no expectations…just fun, drama & beauty. If you are getting married at a destination location, I highly recommend adding on a Rock the Dress shoot! You won’t regret it!

You can see Kailin’s wedding day HERE
You can see other Rock the Dress shoots HERE


[Part I] Luxury Costa Rica Destination Wedding Photography

Costa Rica Destination Wedding Photography
[Part I]

Joshua and Chantelle went to school together.
While they were in the seventh grade together, he saw her sweet, care-free personality,
and of course,
Joshua was smitten, and pursued her.

He knew from the moment he laid eyes on her, that that is the girl he wanted to be with.I completely understand how Chantelle was swooped of her feet,
Joshua has a quiet charm and an amazing friendly personality.
5 years ago, they decided to start dating, and have been together ever since. Madly in love.

Chantelle spent the morning of her wedding, calming her butterflies and peeking out the her resort window, looking at the ceremony that was
set up on the beach.
As Chantelle walked down the sandy aisle, their eyes connected and their smiles never disappeared.

The beautiful Costa Rica Matapalo beach served as the most gorgeous backdrop for her wedding.

Joshua and Chantelle, I hope you’re having the most fabulous time in Costa Rica! I’m blessed to have met you and I feel so honored to have documented your wedding day.

I adored the Hat that Joshua wore!!

Chantelle glammed it up, and wore beautiful accesories to go with her stunning flowy gown.

Her bridemaids looked fabulous in their Two Birds Dresses, and they also rocked amazing feathered earrings!

Chantelle, looked exquisite.

The beach ceremony couldn’t have been more perfect.
Right under a massive beautiful tree!

Chantelles dad got teary eyed walking his little girl down to marry the man of her dreams.

Joshua seeing his bride walk down the aisle. I love his little grin.

Everything about the Ceremony was perfect. There were tears, smiles and laughter.


Cancun: Ocean Turquesa Luxury Wedding Photographer {Destination}

We are off to Mexico (Cancun) to photograph a darling destination wedding at the Ocean Turquesa! We are so beyond excited! While the Edmonton winter has been gentle this year, there is still something about being in a tropical paradise that is thrilling and always, always brings out the best in my photography. We will be SO excited to share both professional & personal pictures of the amazing trip with you. Stay warm back in Edmonton & we will see you soon!

For your viewing pleasure, here are some photos from a destination wedding this same time last year. You can also see TONS more of our Destination wedding photography by scrolling through HERE


Italy wedding/Tuscany wedding

We have received a bunch of photographers asking “how did you book an Italy wedding, did you know the bride?”

the answer is no. And there was no special marketing or advertising. In fact, our “advertising” to book the wedding was free.

Last summer I (radelle) photographed the most lovely bride at her lethbridge wedding. I loved her and she loved me. And she rocked her photos! Enough that her cousin saw them and had to book us for her Italy wedding this year!! So, in terms of advertising & marketing, our best advice is to do the very best job you can in local weddings & their friends (some of whom may be planning destination weddings) will “have to have you”.

We also have another fabulous Italy wedding coming up and once again, it was word of mouth. That bride heard about us through a wedding planner-Petite Pearl Events who recommended our work.

We have been doing a lot of destination weddings the past year years and love them all, but to be able to start taking somewhat regular bookings in Italy (another inquiry today!!) will be a dream a come true. Especially for a romantic like me.



What the Bride wrote:

“TIPS: Bring your own photographer. We brought the most amazing and talented Kari Burgess with Eternal Reflections Photography. Probably the easiest decision Craig and I made in the whole wedding process.  We also had the hotel photographer take a few (it came with the wedding package). Yes, they turned out beautiful, but nothing in compared to Kari. The wedding has come and gone and we get to relive the moments that Kari captured for us every day.”

You can see the full feature of photographs from this lovely Mexico Destination Wedding HERE


Destination Weddings & Photographing other Photographers.

Over the past few years, our business has grown in 2 directions quickly. One: Shooting tons of destination weddings & Two: Shooting the weddings of other photographers.

We have said it before, but we will say it again. Both, are exceptionally huge honors. Destination weddings are such an honor because the couple incurs a decent amount of cost to get a (non-resort) photographer there. Not only is there the Collection fee (package they chose), but also fights & accommodations for two. So when a couple chooses to bring us to their fabulous destination wedding, it is very flattering & something that we feel VERY privileged to go and photograph.

Similarly, it is very flattering when another photographer hires you for their wedding. Out of a sea of very talented photographers, it is YOU that they had to have. What an honor! It is not an honor that we take lightly.

When we were able to photograph Nicole & Shawn’srecent Los Cabos wedding, it was both of those things combined. Not only that, but Nicole wrote some pretty sweet things about us on her blog (she has written some great recent blog posts about wedding planning & destination wedding tips, from one who knows!).

” I will say this, and I completely stand by it, you get what you pay for. I had the most fabulous wedding photographers I could’ve asked for. I think they could’ve charged me a million dollars and I still would’ve booked them. I loved their photos that much. Photos are one of the most important (tangible) things in my life. But one thing that I didn’t know until it was all over was how much you miss being a bride (vs being the photographer). I have shot a ton of weddings and get to see all of the glamorous things. All of the details and all of the guests. I don’t miss a moment. But being the bride, I woke up the following day, not really remembering a thing. When I got my photos in the mail, my new husband and I sat close together on the couch and went through every single photo. I don’t even know how many times I said, “Oh ya!” or, “I forgot about that, that was so great!”  If I didn’t have those fabulous photographers, my feeling of not remembering much of the day would still be there. But because I made it a must-have for my wedding I now have these unforgettable moments, something I will cherish forever. Something that will be on my walls, and in an album. Those photos will be in my heart and in my life for the rest of it, and I am so happy to have them. You will make a lot of decisions, and a lot of cuts to stay in the budget. A photographer was never going to be included in one of those cuts for me!”

and even more sweet words from a different blog entry:

“These ladies are simply amazing. Kari and Radelle run Eternal Reflections out of Edmonton and Victoria. They are not only the most brilliant photographers I have ever seen, but they are the sweetest girls in the world and I am so glad I had the opportunity to not only be in front of their lens but to also get to know them.”

We have always said that we have the very best brides in the world. We do. We have also said that we have the best job’s ever. We do.

Thank you to all of our lovely couples who trust us with their precious wedding memories.


Radelle & Kari

p.s. ANOTHER destination wedding coming to the blog on monday!!


Nicole and Shawn Part II [Los Cabos Destination Wedding- Rock the Dress]

-Kari & Radelle

All four of us were sitting on a cute glass bottom boat. Speeding our way through the ocean waves.
Nicole didn’t just want any location for her intimate session with Shawn.
She found the perfect location and the name “Lovers Beach” was quite fitting as well.

Not a soul on the beach. Just us, cliffs, ocean waves and a beautiful rising sun.

Here is a tiny peek into their lovely photos.

The light was beautiful!

Nicole, you are looking GOOD girl!!!I love, love, love, love these photos. YOU ARE WELCOME SHAWN *wink*

Girl, you put the steam into steamy.

……… the rest shall remain on the Wedding Collection DVD for Nicole and Shawn *wink*.


Victoria Wedding Photographer- Royal Roads University Bridal Session.

Part I.

First of all let me point out the obvious. Ana is gorgeous! As soon as I saw how pretty she looked,
I felt the need to put on some lip gloss and pinch my cheeks for some color!

I felt so honored to be able to capture her beauty  and her cute personality!
Her bridal session was this past weekend, and the weather was not looking so good.
Thankfully the rain held off just long enough for her shoot.

We shot this European-style bridal session  in Victoria at the Royal Roads University!
It was the PERFECT place to capture who she is and her heritage (she is originally from Europe!).
I had never shot at the Royal Roads University before, but my oh my, its ancient architecture is beautiful!
I can only imagine how beautiful it will be in the the Spring/Summer, when the Ivy going up the Royal Roads building is green!

Victoria is so beautiful and if you look closely it has so many hidden gem locations!

So here it is:
Part I

Destination European wedding photography

Eternal Reflections Photography is an International Award winning studio providing glamorous Edmonton & Vancouver wedding photography for Fabulous People.
Eternal Reflections Photography has
been chosen to receive the Bride’s Choice Award(TM) 2010 from wedding wire & Martha Stewart Weddings for Best Photographers in North America.

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Eternal Reflections Photography also provides consulting and workshops for photographers wishing to grow their business & learn luxury and unique wedding photography.
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Mexico Destination Wedding Photography

Kari and I (Radelle) will be gone for a week, shooting a Fabulous Destination wedding in Cabos (Mexico).  GOODBYE SNOW!!

Email will be returned as our schedule & Internet access permits.

We will be back soon!
Much Love from your soon to be bronzed and sun kissed photographers,

Kari & Radelle


Glamorous Victoria Wedding Photographer- Royal Roads University.

Part II
Like I had mentioned in my previous post- this bridal session was shot at the Royal Rhodes University in Victoria!


It really worked out so beautifully, because Ana, is originally from Europe! And shooting at the Royal Roads University, made the photos even
more personal to Ana, and it helped to capture her heritage.
Seeing her wear red lipstick did my heart good. Because, I LOVE red lipstick. And I try to wear it often.
I think we are kindred spirits! The red lipstick alone is enough evidence that we are.

Make sure you see Part I of this European Bridal Session (just scroll down a smidgen)

Stay Fabulous,

Eternal Reflections Photography is an International Award winning studio providing glamorous Edmonton & Vancouver wedding photography for Fabulous People.
Eternal Reflections Photography has
been chosen to receive the Bride’s Choice Award(TM) 2010 from wedding wire & Martha Stewart Weddings for Best Photographers in North America.

With Roots in Edmonton, Alberta, Eternal Reflections photographs Edmonton & Vancouver Weddings as well as Jasper Weddings, Banff Weddings, and surrounding areas. ERP as an Edmonton and Vancouver Wedding Photographer is an leader in International Wedding Photography.
Eternal Reflections Photography also provides consulting and workshops for photographers wishing to grow their business & learn luxury and unique wedding photography.

Vancouver Island Glamorous Wedding Photography. City of Vancouver fabulous wedding photography. Royal Roads University Wedding Photography. Italy and Europe Destination Wedding Photography.


Taka & Erika. {Japanese LDS Wedding in Phoenix}


When Taka & Erika contacted us from Tokyo, Japan and asked us to photograph their LDS wedding in Phoenix, Arizona, it was a no brainer! Of course! What a huge honor!!

It was amazing to escape Alberta’s cold winter & go see some palm trees and enjoy so +32(c) weather. It felt like heaven. Taka & Erika are an amazing couple. Very sweet with each other, very gracious with others, very giving and generous. We felt so special & honored to be there with them. It was such a highlight in our lives. Erika is a nurse in Tokyo, and as such, has been on the front lines with all of the tragedy helping those in need. It was very interesting to talk to her (and their families) about the recent devastation in Japan.

Adam and I have traveled to Japan for pleasure & for wedding photography and LOVED it! We plan to go back within the next 5 years again. We go during Cherry Blossom season & there is nothing in the world like it, as Cherry Blossoms line the canals. What a beautiful, magical place!

(note to self: show some photos & travel stories from our travels over to Japan)

Erika & Taka had a charming elopement style wedding, with only 7 guests. Lunch was at a darling restaurant with the most amazing food ever!  It was quaint & special. There wasn’t a dry eye during their touching LDS ceremony. Taka & Erika, we wish you ALL the best in the world, and cannot wait to come visit you in a few years in Japan!


Radelle & Adam


Mexico wedding puerta vallarta {Kim & Ben}

According to his hilarious thank-you speech, the groom Ben won the lottery the day he was 1) born with his good looks (true, true) and 2) the day he met Kim.

I had the privilege a couple of years ago of photographing Kim’s sister Lindsay, and I fell in love with the family then. When Kim emailed me regarding joining them in Mexico for their romantic & easy going Puerta Vallarta wedding, I had no hesitation at all!

Ben & Kim are the type of people that you want as friends. So comfortable with each other & so comfortable with you. I think that Kim is the epitomy of being peaceful & kind and Ben is a hoot. A joke a minute. Adam developed a man crush on him while we were there!

Ben & Kim’s love has the stability of a deep rooted relationship, seeing as they have been together for 7 years; however they still are very much like newlyweds. Her giggling & him looking at her like she is the cutest thing alive. They leave each other love notes around the house regularly, and the morning of their wedding, they exchanged love notes.  Kim read about 3 lines of hers & then her makeup started to run. How sweet is that? They both spent just as much time on their love letters, as they did getting dolled up for the wedding. It was heartwarming to say the least.

It was, very much, our honor to be able to accompany these amazing families to Mexico and witness them exchange vows under the hot Mexico sun, cooled by salty ocean breeze.

Much Love,


The ceremony location was simply stunning.
Oh Mexico, you add the most beautiful backdrop to my photos.
I was able to steal Ben & Kim’s rings for a few minutes & got some really great shots of them! It was hard to just share one.

Kim’s dress was elegant, and showed off her thin, elegant figure.Her “something borrowed” was this necklace that her sister Lindsay also wore to her wedding. I thought that was charming.

Throughout the day, Kim reminded me of Nicole Kidman with how graceful she is, and how everything move she makes seems so elegant. I LOVE the punch of color that she brought with these darling beach wedding shoes!

Kim’s mother is one of the sweetest ladies you will ever meet, she has an easy smile & is laughing all the time. You walk away from an interchange with her smiling, because she is so bubbly.Ben’s mom is my hero. She raised a whole pack of boys (super close in age) with grace! They are great guys, and I think it because of her amazing mothering. She was rewarded at the end with a beautiful daughter. ;)

This photo of Kim walking to her wedding, with her dad, smiling….just makes me smile.Mexico, Mexico…there are just no words.

I love this wide angle view of the ceremony. To me it just depicts the ceremony perfectly!



As I was taking these photos of Kim, Ben was standing beside me saying “if I hadn’t already married you, I would, without a doubt, marry you again”.

The Dreams resort in Puerta Vallarta had this beautifully unique floral area, so we spent a bit of time there getting some unique wedding photos.

Kim, seriously. Look at you! Be Still My Soul.

The tenderness in this image, is exactly what I was hoping to capture. They are so sweet with each other.

Adam shot this pairing of photos, and I adore them. I think they are so unique & charming!It was very, very easy to forget about Edmonton’s 5′ of snow everywhere when we were standing in this.

To me, drama like in these following images, if what destination weddings are all about. I seriously SWOON!!

One of my favorite photos of these two lovebirds. Beautiful light, beautiful couple.

These guys rocked it out for me. They were amazing! There are so many great wedding party photos, I can’t wait for Ben & Kim to see them all on their dvd!

The reception was classy & romantic. I *heart* outdoor receptions.

It was a no brainer to end with this gorgeous image of the two of them, walking off, hand in hand.


[Part II] Costa Rica Luxury Destination Wedding Photographer

[Part II] of my Costa Rica Destination Wedding

Mucho Love,



San Francisco Bridal Shoot {Edmonton Wedding Photographer}

While I was in San Fran, I had the opportunity to take Bridal Photos of an incredibly beautiful person. To know Hailey, is to know genuine. I don’t think that she has a phony bone in her body. She loves fully, and cares deeply. As a teenager she volunteered at Cancer camps, and stayed friends with many, many of the children that she met there. She was a huge support to their families as many of them were terminally ill, and to this date, years later, remembers what dates the families may need a little extra love on.

She is remarkably tenderhearted, and is as loyal as they come. To say I adore her, would be the understatement of the century.

Please, meet Hailey.