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Lash Affair lounge {Edmonton eyelash extensions}


I recently had lash extensions done at  Lash Affair Lounge in Edmonton and I could not be happier! I feel like I look so pretty, so alert, and so flirty. Adam commented tonight  (while I was charmingly looking down, you know, all natural like, while we talked…to show off my long lashes subtly) at how I look so pretty & put together. He mentioned that he loves how the lashes feature my eyes. IM SOLD! As someone who wears lashes camping (and hair extensions sometimes) so as to look pretty when everything about me is gritty….i’m sold! I love being able to roll out of bed & not *need* any other makeup to be ready for the day.

I felt comfortable the moment I stepped into the exquisite lash lounge & as any woman who gets any beautifying done knows…. the visit with your practitioner matters almost as much as what you are having done. The lounge is stunning, feminine and cozy all rolled into one. I never wanted to leave. The music & wall colors were soothing ( I think I had a mini nap!). I had Courtney (the owner) do my lashes, and I SO enjoyed our visit. The staff is all very personable & you will find yoruself lingering after your lash apointment, just gabbing. They are absolute sweethearts, who sincerely care about you & your eyes! Before I left the lounge, all of the ladies said “lets see! lets see!” and “oohhhed & awed” over my trasnformation.  I loved the lounge, the experience, Courtney and mostly….THE WAY I LOOK! All glam & pretty! I had lashes done by Lash Affair lounge right before I gave birth to my daughter & it was one of the best choices that I made. I felt attractive during labor & those first few rough days. I looked alert & cute for my numerous hosiptal guests & for any surprise guests over the next few weeks. It was a great confidance booster while dealing with everything post pardum ;)

We always say that if bride’s do one thing for themselves for their wedding it should be getting their makeup professionally done by someone talented (we can recommend) and ensuring that in that process, they get artificial lashes put on. Up until now, this typically meant “day use” strip or single lashes, applied by a makeup artist. NOW, we would recommend getting lash extensions at the Lash Affair Lounge!

Why? anyone who has had false lashes knows that they are annoying, feel weird and get itchy (but photograph OH SO BEAUTIFULLY!). My lash extensions do not feel like anything. They are completely lightweight, non itchy and perfect. They are SO comfortable that I would never know I had extensions on, if every mirror I passed didn’t remind me ;)

Secondly, they last!!! LADIES, this has you covered for your stagette, wedding day & HONEYMOON!!! You can have sexy, dramatic lashes while you lie in the sun in Hawaii! With hot Alberta winter weddings & hot tropical Destination weddings, lash extentions are the answer! Your eyes will not run! They are SO low maintance that it isn’t even funny & they look SO pretty and natural! The best part is that you (or your mom, she should get them too!) can cry all you want on your wedding day without running mascara  and on your honeymoon you can swim, surf (you will be the hot chick on the surf board!), workout, and shower with them!

I SO wish I had them when Adam & I were on our honeymoon and I was ziplining through the jungles of Mexico & repelling down a waterfall (raccoon eye!!). I would have looked glam & sexy the entire time!


Eyelash extensions: Full set lasts between 6-8 weeks but if you want to upkeep them you go for fills every 3.5 weeks for $60. Perfect for non-smudging or smearing on your wedding day (and honeymoon!)
Lash Parties: Groups of 4 or more receive special VIP pricing with a 10% off on all services, and the lash lounge to themselves. A bottle of wine, and snacks also provided. Perfect for a stagette, or bridal shower!
The best part is that any look can be achieved! You can be as dramatic as you’d like, to soft and natural, and everything in between. When I was waiting for my turn, a middle aged lady had a very natural look done on her & may I just say…not only did it look incredibly natural, but she looked stunning!!

If you LOVE having pretty eyes, RUN to the lash lounge, tell them Radelle/Eternal Reflections Photography sent you to recieve 10% off of your set & enjoy being part of the sexy eye club!

p.s. “like” lash affair on facebook, and follow them on twitter, they do great giveaways all the time!

More info for the keeners like me!

Lash Affair was started by Courtney Buhler as a home-based business back in 2009. Her passion for the fullest, longest lasting lashes soon had her business booming, and demand was too much to keep up with! Her team then grew to include employees (who underwent hours, upon hours, of training to ensure the quality of eyelash extensions remained superior to anywhere else).  Lash Affair is now expanding to it’s first commercial location on Edmonton’s Southside Spring 2012!

At Lash affair, lashes arent an added service – they’re all we do! Our passion for eyelash extensions shows in our work, and we pride ourselves on creating a natural customized look for you eyes that leave everyone in awe of your stunning lashes. We use a minimum of 4 eyelash extension lengths within a full set of lashes to ensure a natural shape, and body (even if you’re going for a Glam-a-holic set!).

At Lash Affair, we carry only the top quality product for eyelash extensions in the industry. We boast a variety of brands of Eyelash Extensions, Our lashes vary in thickness (0.7mm, 0.1, 0.12, 0.15, 0.18mm), and in length (6mm-17mm). We have Synthetic Individuals, Silk Individuals, Mink Individuals.. and more! We exclusively do individual eyelash extensions (no flare, or cluster lashes), as individual eyelash extensions are the best quality, and longest lasting. We promise one eyelash extension to each of your natural lshes. Our adhesive is hypoallergenic, toxin-free, and is  specially formulated, and safe for use around eyes.


FEATURED: Weddings in Alberta Magazine | WEDDINGSINAB

You know that feeling? When you are so excited that you feel the need to bust out some FULL HIP CIRCLES??! In public! And you don’t care who sees?!  In fact the more that see, the better. What a treat for them.

Well, that was us.

Being contacted by a magazine to have your work featured is such an honor! Let alone being able to write an article in the magazine!

Radelle and I have been featured in Weddings in Alberta March 2012 magazine issue! We are thrilled to share our thoughts regarding ‘What To Wear’ in your engagement session, as well as featuring a few fabulous images from a gorgeous engagement session.
“This month’s issue is …. brimming with romance and loveliness. Take a peek at the table of contentsto see what we have in store for you…we’re sure that once you’re through you’ll be slipping on your shoes to run to the store and pick yourself up a copy!” |weddingsinab|

Weddings in Alberta is a prestigious magazine that has amazing inspiration and style ideas for brides!

You can check out Weddings In Alberta website for daily/weekly/monthly features!

Pick up your Weddings in Alberta at your local Chapters!
If you are unable to go and pick up the magazine- be sure to read the online version HERE

Subscribing to their magazine is a great way to have monthly inspiration come right to your door step!!

Here are a few online features that we have had with Weddings in Alberta:
Ill Love You No Matter What

Rustic Glam

Cute As A Button


Edmonton Wedding Photographer {Wedding day love letter}

We recently wrote about things brides could do to make their day extra special. One of my most recent brides did something so dear. She & her hubby to be exchanged love letters. Here is her, reading hers, moments before leaving the house to get married. Such a special moment.


Darling Pinterest Ideas

Feast your eyes upon all this loveliness. No matter what ‘theme’ or style you are having on your wedding day, Pinterest can inspire EVERY bride. Its oozing with darling, unique, creative ideas that you are able to incorporate in your wedding.
Pinterest, we think, is one of the best ways to get ideas and inspiration!!
Have a peak below at some of the fabulous collages that I made with photos that I found on Pinterest (all the photos below, were taken off of Pinterest):

Glitz gorgeousness.

Carnival themed.

Blush Pink

Grey and Yellow

Tiffany blue love.

Tangerine Tango


Getting Ready Tips for Brides

Hello brides!
We know that your wedding day is fast approaching and we are SO EXCITED!!! So we decided to give you some tips/advice to help make your getting ready moments perfect!


1. Wear something nice. Like a classy camisole, summer dress or a cute robe that is possibly in your wedding color. This makes for darling getting ready photos that help tie your whole day together. You could even go one step further and have all your bridesmaids wearing darling ‘getting ready’ outfits. 
(Additional tip:  make sure what you wear can pull up and down or zip off so it doesn’t interfere with your hair and makeup)

2. Have your bridesmaids already in their dresses when it is time for you to put on your gown.
(Additional tip: If your dress has buttons or is a lace-up keep in mind that it takes quite a few minutes to do it)

3. I would always recommend having a professional make-up artist do your make-up. I know it can often get pushed to the side, but the makeup artists are so talented at what they do- they understand the face and how to highlight certain features and it lasts all day long!

4. When choosing your getting ready location, really consider a large space (so you are not cramped) with big beautiful windows that let in natural light. If you are wanting to get ready at your home, make sure that the room(s) are neat and tidy- you don’t want clutter in your photos.

5. Have all your jewellery, clutches, shoes, hair pieces, love letters ect… put together (and also the bridesmaids details), all ready for the photographer to get detail shots. 

 6. Budget enough time for getting ready- and then add a little more. It is common for things to take longer than they should (hair, makeup, bridesmaids arriving ect…)
So instead of feeling rushed, be sure that you have allowed a little bit of wiggle room.

7. Have breakfast!!

8. Be sure that when you wake up on your wedding day, you take a moment for YOU. Soak in the day. Have a cup of tea and just think about how perfect everything is going to be. The wedding day goes by fast, so make sure you take a few moments to just ‘breathe it all in’.
We can’t wait to see you all on your wedding day!
Kari & Radelle