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Getting Ready Tips for Brides

Hello brides!
We know that your wedding day is fast approaching and we are SO EXCITED!!! So we decided to give you some tips/advice to help make your getting ready moments perfect!


1. Wear something nice. Like a classy camisole, summer dress or a cute robe that is possibly in your wedding color. This makes for darling getting ready photos that help tie your whole day together. You could even go one step further and have all your bridesmaids wearing darling ‘getting ready’ outfits. 
(Additional tip:  make sure what you wear can pull up and down or zip off so it doesn’t interfere with your hair and makeup)

2. Have your bridesmaids already in their dresses when it is time for you to put on your gown.
(Additional tip: If your dress has buttons or is a lace-up keep in mind that it takes quite a few minutes to do it)

3. I would always recommend having a professional make-up artist do your make-up. I know it can often get pushed to the side, but the makeup artists are so talented at what they do- they understand the face and how to highlight certain features and it lasts all day long!

4. When choosing your getting ready location, really consider a large space (so you are not cramped) with big beautiful windows that let in natural light. If you are wanting to get ready at your home, make sure that the room(s) are neat and tidy- you don’t want clutter in your photos.

5. Have all your jewellery, clutches, shoes, hair pieces, love letters ect… put together (and also the bridesmaids details), all ready for the photographer to get detail shots. 

 6. Budget enough time for getting ready- and then add a little more. It is common for things to take longer than they should (hair, makeup, bridesmaids arriving ect…)
So instead of feeling rushed, be sure that you have allowed a little bit of wiggle room.

7. Have breakfast!!

8. Be sure that when you wake up on your wedding day, you take a moment for YOU. Soak in the day. Have a cup of tea and just think about how perfect everything is going to be. The wedding day goes by fast, so make sure you take a few moments to just ‘breathe it all in’.
We can’t wait to see you all on your wedding day!
Kari & Radelle


Some fabulous etsy finds for our lovely brides {Edmonton Wedding Photographer}


One of our favorite things to do, is to browse google & etsy and find darling wedding “things”. Veils, jewelry, invitations, clutches, etc & showcase them for our brides to see. We hope that this helps you plan your wedding & find some amazing and unique pieces to complete your fabulous day. We are excited to photograph all of your lovely details on your wedding day!


Kari & Radelle

Look at these incredibly stunning necklaces! I want one! I think any bride would look so glamorous on their wedding day with one of these beauties! In addition, they would photograph so well!
You can order these LOVELY necklaces HERE

If you are looking for a darling & unique veil….here you go! LOVE these! You can shop for yours HERE.

If one of our brides doesn’t order this A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E ring bearer pillow……we will cry. This is the cutest thing we have ever seen. OH MY WORD! Get it HERE!


{Kind Words} Drayton Valley & Destination Wedding Photographer

Fact. I have the best brides in the world.

For all you brides to be: I got  Eternal Reflections Photography to do my wedding pictures and that was probably one of the best decisions I made for my big day! My pictures are gorgeous and I have had so many compliments on them not to mention I gained a lifelong friend in the process. I know how hard it is to make decisions for your big day, but using her was honestly the easiest decision I made and one that I will never regret

-Kirsten Stefura {Drayton Valley Wedding 2011)

I just wanted to say a quick thank you, I cannot & have not stopped looking at our photos since they’ve come in the mail. I am having a terrible time deciding which to print because I LOVE them ALL!I cannot thank you enough for doing what you do. Looking at the pictures, you captured so many moments, so many things, I’m so thankful. Each time I flip through them I spot something I didn’t notice the last time I looked at it. I’ve had nothing but compliments from those who’ve seen them! Thank you Radelle! You are truly amazing at what you do!

-Kailin (Mexico Destination Bride {Mayan Riviera} 2012)


Bride’s custom clutch & Great bridesmaid gift idea!

Bella Fiore is the world’s best custom clutch designer. Fact.

And the designer? The nicest lady in the world. Not only all of that, but she has also been featured on Style me Pretty!
Our brides have used Bella Fiore clutches numerous times, and every single time the bride is estaticover her custom clutch. On top of that, they always say how amazingly nice the designer was to work with.

Right now Bella Fiore is running a promotion for free personazlized name stiching on the insdie of each clutch and a FREE GARTER!!  The bride’s purse could have her name & date stiched in blue, as her “something blue” detail!

*Also, ERP brides get 10% off of their entire order!! By using the code ETERNALFAN.

*Photo provided by Bella Fiore.


See some of our bride’s using the clutches HERE (5th picture down), HERE & HERE!


CLIENTS: USB instead of DVD

ATTENTION CLIENTS: this year we have had a lot of photo DVD’s leave our office working (on all of our computers) & yet, strangely, not play on our client’s computer. So for all future shoots/weddings, we are going to switch from offering a DVD with all of your wedding images, to a USB port instead (they read on any computer!). 

Please note that if you would prefer to receive your images on DVD instead of USB, please email & let us know.

**please note, that with any file storage that we send (DVD, USB), it is your responsibility to back up your precious wedding pictures/files. We strongly encourage that you burn multiple back up DVD’s & keep them in a fireproof safe. We also recommend that you back up your photos to both your laptop, desktop & an external harddrive. It is additionally wise (in case of fire, theft) to store your photos off site. This can be done by backing them up to a hard drive, DVD, USB or computer at your mother’s house, maid of honor’s house, or ideally, a few locations. These files are precious & they are your responsibility.

Much Love,

Radelle & Kari


Victoria BC Hair and Make up Artistry- Sharon Rai Hair and Makeup Artistry

I had the chance to work with Sharon Rai from Sharon Rai Hair and Makeup Artistry. She is located in Victoria and does work that gives you goosebumps (in a good way!)
She is glam and chic all in one.
The Sharon Rai team specializes in Luxury Bridal, Fashion & Editorial Services on all of Vancouver Island and Vancouver BC!!

Not only is she super cute but she understands how to bring out the best features in her clients!

One morning I woke up with the brilliant idea of educating our brides regarding their makeup and who better to interview than one of Victoria’s BC best- Sharon Rai herself!

(Photo taken from her website)

1) How long have you been in the business?
7.5 years, almost 8 years now!

2) How do you get your inspiration?
Styles and trends are ever evolving, new trends, new formulas and new technologies allow me to
continue learning fresh techniques. I find inspiration in everything from my brides that I work so
closely with to the trends you find walking the runways.

3) What do you love most about what you do?

I love working with women to enhance their natural beauty, I love bringing a vision to life by
creating a customized look with hair, makeup & styling!

4) How important is a makeup consultation/trial ?

Peace of mind is very powerful, knowing what your look will be on your big day takes away the
anxiousness & stress, allowing you to enjoy your day the way you were meant to. When we
work with our brides on their wedding day preview, we create their dream vision, as it would be
on their wedding day.

5)Do brides need to bring anything (makeup related) on the day of their wedding?
We like for our brides to be able to relax on their big day, that is why we provide many products
and style choices. If you have a product that you love to use or any allergies then bring anything
along that may help put the total package together.

6)Airbrush Foundation vs. Traditional Foundation? And why?
Airbrush makeup has gained popularity with brides, and there are pros and cons to this
technique. There are two basic formulas, water-based or silicone.

A water-based formula feels
very light on the skin, and looks quite natural.

The silicone finish illustrates the “flawless” face
that many see in magazines, but it has a plastic appearance in person, and you can feel it, so it
doesn’t really translate well for bridal makeup. You will enjoy your day and remember the
pictures for what they were and image of the perfect feeling.

However, a highly skilled artist can
provide beautiful results through traditional makeup methods just as easily.
Airbrush is a method of applying makeup base, just as sponges, brushes and fingers are. What
matters most is which makeup base is being used, and is it the best one for your skin type.
I prefer to use traditional makeup applications on my SR Brides. Generally, this is a case-bycase
decision that is discussed during the wedding day preview. Airbrush is a great option for a
bride who has problem skin, and needs a waterproof option with full coverage. The other
technique is a custom blended method that can be modified to accommodate for skin type, color,
and texture. Both are great, and both are available!

7)What advice do you have for brides for ‘pre wedding care’ so that their face is glowing and
ready for their wedding day?

The best tip I can give is to take care of your skin, exfoliation and hydration make a huge impact
on the surface quality of the skin, which directly affects how your makeup will look on your
wedding day. Remember to also exfoliate and moisturize your elbows, feet, hands, legs and
shoulders, these areas of your body may be on show depending on the style of your wedding
dress. You really need to start paying extra attention to your skin-care routine at least six months
prior to your big day.

8)What can brides do, throughout their wedding day to make sure their make up lasts?
Avoid makeup transfer by avoiding contact with your face throughout your day, for example
hugging relatives cheek to cheek, if you cry – pat your tears, try not to wipe your face. Once your
makeup is complete try to eat with a fork and knife and drink with a straw to ensure your
makeup lasts.

9)What is going to be the ‘trend’ for weddings (makeup related) in 2012?
Your bridal makeup look this year, should be all about bringing out your best feature in your
face. As always, a bride’s skin should look flawless, fresh and glowing. The warmer season
brings warm, luminous faces with just a hint of color, bronzer for a sun-kissed glow on the
cheeks and on eyes, metallic and sparkling shadows in lighter shades paired with soft pink, coral
or nude shades on the lips.

Classic Bridal: bright red lips, colors varied from subtle to striking pinks, oranges through to
tomato reds, a rosy pink blush, and black liquid eyeliner.

Traditional Bridal: a clean natural looking makeup with warm and natural shades, nude lips,
beige cheeks, but still bold enough to pop in photos.

Outdoor Bride: fresh & romantic look, berry-stained lips, rosy cheeks, and soft eyes.

Chic Bride: a pop of silver iridescent powder on the eyelids, lined with pastel shades of green, lavender, silver and soft baby blues. For a sophisticated look, use shades of yellow, copper, and
gold on eyes, with a wine-color on lips.

10) Brides are always a little bit nervous trying false eyelashes- do you have any advice for them
regarding this?

To make your eyes standout you should definitely consider false eyelashes, either strips or
individuals, to make those lashes flutter. Try the lashes on at your preview, and see how they
feel and how they look, we can customize them to suite your eye-shape, and makeup style.

11) Wedding day beauty timeline- how much time is needed?
A full bridal look, with hair, makeup & styling takes approximately 2.5 to 3 hours, depending on
the customized look created.

12) One thing a bride should consider on her wedding day (makeup related) is ______?
To change her look for the reception, this has been popular with our 2012 brides, going from a
day to evening makeup look, and an up-do to a down style. We offer a same day reception look,
and we create an evening look working with your existing look.

13) Do you have any other tips/tricks that you would like to share with our brides?
The most important advice that I can give to women is make sure your brows are neat and
groomed, tweeze any stray hairs, and define your arches.

Thank you SO much Sharon sharing your knowledge with us!!
Be sure to follow Sharon’s Facebook Page to keep up to date with all her ventures!




University of Alberta {Edmonton Wedding Picture Locations}

We wanted to do a blog post showing a handful of wedding photos taken on the University of Alberta grounds! With many popular places in the city (the ledge!), sometimes places like the U of A, can sometimes be overlooked as a great location for wedding & engagement photos. Here are just a few photos to show you some of the variety that is available there & the various “Looks” that can be achieved on the UofA grounds. Also, as another bonus, Emily Murphy park (with some of it’s own nice features!) is literally just down the hill!


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