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Protected: What if it rains? What if it’s cold? Indoor Photography Locations in Edmonton

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Protected: The Pink Glitz {Edmonton Edition}

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Lash Affair {Edmonton Lash Extensions}


I recently had lash extensions done at  Lash Affair Lounge in Edmonton and I could not be happier! I feel like I look so pretty, so alert (considering I’m 9 months pregnant & due any day..this is quite the feat!) and so flirty. Adam commented tonight  (while I was charmingly looking down, you know, all natural like, while we talked…to show off my long lashes subtly) at how I look so pretty & put together. He mentioned that he loves how the lashes feature my eyes. IM SOLD! As someone who wears lashes camping (and hair extensions sometimes) so as to look pretty when everything about me is gritty….i’m sold!

I felt comfortable the moment I stepped into the lash lounge & as any woman who gets any beautifying done knows…. the visit with your practitioner matters almost as much as what you are having done. I had Courtney (the owner) do my lashes, and I SO enjoyed her & our visit.  She is an absolute sweetheart!  I loved the lounge, the experience, Courtney and mostly….THE WAY I LOOK! All glam & pretty! Perfect for when people come over to see the new baby & I look “alert” & “pretty”. I am also quite thrilled to be able to be half attractive during labor thanks to these pretty peepers!

We always say that if bride’s do one thing for themselves for their wedding it should be getting their makeup professionally done by someone talented (we can recommend) and ensuring that in that process, they get artificial lashes put on. Up until now, this typically meant “day use” strip or single lashes, applied by a makeup artist. NOW, we would recommend getting lash extensions at the Lash Lounge!

Why? anyone who has had false lashes knows that they are annoying, feel weird and get itchy (but photograph OH SO BEAUTIFULLY!). My lash extensions do not feel like anything. They are completely lightweight, non itchy and perfect. They are SO comfortable that I would never know I had extensions on, if every mirror I passed didn’t remind me ;)

Secondly, they last up to 8 weeks. LADIES, this has you covered for your stagette, wedding day & HONEYMOON!!! You can have sexy, dramatic lashes while you lie in the sun in Hawaii! With hot Alberta winter weddings & hot tropical Destination weddings, lash extentions are the answer! Your eyes will not run! They are SO low maintance that it isn’t even funny & they look SO pretty and natural! The best part is that you (or your mom, she should get them too!) can cry all you want on your wedding day without running mascara  and on your honeymoon you can swim, surf (you will be the hot chick on the surf board!), workout, and shower with them!

I SO wish I had them when Adam & I were on our honeymoon and I was ziplining through the jungles of Mexico & repelling down a waterfall (raccoon eye!!). I would have looked glam & sexy the entire time!


Eyelash extensions: Full set lasts between 6-8 weeks but if you want to upkeep them you go for fills every 3.5 weeks for $60. Perfect for non-smudging or smearing on your wedding day (and honeymoon!)
Lash Parties: Groups of 4 or more receive special VIP pricing with a 10% off on all services, and the lash lounge to themselves. A bottle of wine, and snacks also provided. Perfect for a stagette, or bridal shower!
The best part is that any look can be achieved! You can be as dramatic as you’d like, to soft and natural, and everything in between. When I was waiting for my turn, a middle aged lady had a very natural look done on her & may I just say…not only did it look incredibly natural, but she looked stunning!!
I went with  “the Scarlette”. It is called the “mascara on steroids” look. Basically takes your natural lash, and enhances the length, and fullness making you look fantastic without looking fake. I love it!

Here are some pictures of me before & after (don’t mind the face chub. IM DUE ANYDAY!) & some photos of the lovely lash lounge!

If you LOVE having pretty eyes, RUN to the lash lounge, tell them Radelle/Eternal Reflections Photography sent you to recieve 10% off of your set & enjoy being part of the sexy eye club!

p.s. “like” lash lounge on facebook, and follow them on twitter, they do great giveaways all the time!

More info for the keeners like me!

Lash Affair was started by Courtney Buhler as a home-based business back in 2009. Her passion for the fullest, longest lasting lashes soon had her business booming, and demand was too much to keep up with! Her team then grew to include employees (who underwent hours, upon hours, of training to ensure the quality of eyelash extensions remained superior to anywhere else).  Lash Affair is now expanding to it’s first commercial location on Edmonton’s Southside Spring 2012!

  At Lash affair, lashes arent an added service – they’re all we do! Our passion for eyelash extensions shows in our work, and we pride ourselves on creating a natural customized look for you eyes that leave everyone in awe of your stunning lashes. We use a minimum of 4 eyelash extension lengths within a full set of lashes to ensure a natural shape, and body (even if you’re going for a Glam-a-holic set!).

  At Lash Affair, we carry only the top quality product for eyelash extensions in the industry. We boast a variety of brands of Eyelash Extensions, Our lashes vary in thickness (0.15-0.25mm), and in length (6mm-17mm). We have Synthetic Individuals, Silk Individuals, Mink Individuals.. and more! We exclusively do individual eyelash extensions (no flare, or cluster lashes), as individual eyelash extensions are the best quality, and longest lasting. We promise one eyelash extension to each of your natural lshes. Our adhesive is hypoallergenic, toxin-free, and is  specially formulated, and safe for use around eyes.

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Edmonton Makeup Artist

Looking for an incredibly talented makeup artist for your wedding day? Meet Sarah–owner of Faces by Olive.
Faces by Olive is the only Edmonton makeup artist that we recommend as every single bride that
she does, looks faabbulous on her wedding day!! Simply Stunning!  Sarah does your makeup with both your real life guests in mind (who will be hugging and staring at you) as well as with your photos in mind….

And you will never giggle more, as Sarah is quite possibly one of the cutest, funniest people alive. She will make your wedding day all
that much more special.

Whats the catch? She books up fast.

Join her facebook group!

Here is her Bio: The Artist After growing up in a small town, Sarah Jean Olive moved to New York City to pursue a career in Acting and Fashion.

After graduating from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in 2002, she assisted Shirin Tinati, a professional

photographer in NYC, with makeup and lighting. The rest is history. “I was inspired by how spectacular women felt after

 having their makeup done.” Her friendly, energetic and fun personality has helped launch her as one of the most sought

 after makeup artists in her community.

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Protected: Edmonton Wedding Photography Locations & Planning

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Fabulous Edmonton Florist

La Piazza Dasee is hands down, my favorite florist in Edmonton. The florists there are not only exceptionally creative, but they are beyond nice! You will LOVE them! I honestly swear that I can spot one of their floral bouquets from a mile away…they are THAT stunning and unique. Here is some of their recent work for a lovely bride of mine.

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Protected: Advice for Brides. The un-plugged wedding.

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Protected: Wedding Day Photo Timeline

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Engagement session tips (Edmonton engagement photographer)

Engagement session tips

Best edmonton wedding and engagement photographer, floral crown, edmonton luxury wedding photographerWhat should I wear to my Engagement session?

I hope that this blog post gives couple’s a lot of direction in what to wear for their shoot.

(photographers, you are welcome to link to this blog post if you feel that it will also benefit your clients, however, please do not lift or copy our text, as all content on this blog (including our text) is copyright protected & our own original material).

What to wear:

It depends on a few things. What is your personal style? What look are you after in your photos (casual, dressy, feminine/masculine, a themed engagement shoot, vintage, etc)

The key thing is this: Have fun with it & ensure that you feel absolutely, hands down fabulous in whatever outfit(s) that you choose. I promise that if you feel like a million dollars, it will show in the photos. Confidence can definitely be captured in photos (and is a huge, important part!).


Eternal Reflections Photographengagement

Another important point:

One thing that I often, often, hear is “I don’t want to look too trendy, I’m afraid it will date my photos in future years”. Honey, everything is going to date your photos. Your hairstyle, your makeup, your clothes, even at times the setting. EVERYTHING in fashion looks dated in 20 years. If it was cool enough, it becomes vintage, but it is still dated. Even the most conservative clothing choices (think: men’s suits) still change pretty significantly over 20 years. Think of the suits in the 70’s & think of men’s suits now. Quite different, and that is a conservative, slow changing article of clothing. Let`s face it, if fashion never changed & simple outfits were truely timeless, we would all be wearing doc martins, levi 501`s and plain white tshirts that showed a tiny bit of our belly button. The fact is, fashion evolves. It just does. Don’t fight it.

So what is our advice?

Wear what you love. Regardless if it is trendy & will look dated. If you love it, and if you feel absolutely fabulous in it. Wear it! From girlfriend to girlfriend, just wear the dang thing. You will love your photos of you in that little number!


Think: accessories!

These add variety, interest & texture to the photographs. Do not shy away from accessories. In photos, they are your best friend. Think chunky necklaces, adorable belts, darling shoes, cute head bands, fantastic earrings…… if you aren’t sure, bring a selection & we can help you pick out what goes best with your outfit(s) and what will photograph the best.

No matchy-matchy

Often when people think of Engagement photos, their minds still wander back to faded, tapered denim jeans…..white matching t shirts and white running shoes. If this is your style, rock it. If this is not your style, but what you’ve seen a lot of (or what your parents engagement photos looked like….) please let this be your permission to NOT have to wear that specific outfit for your photos! There is absolutely no need to wear “his” & “her” versions of the same outfit.

Rather, think coordinate & compliment.

Pick shades & tones that flatter each other. If one of you has a busy pattern or fabric, the other should be simple in a complimentary color. As long as you aren’t both dressed in “busy” clothes (patterns), and as long as you don’t clash, generally you will look fine. Tie in a color in his shirt to your necklace. Coordinate his tie to your sassy shoes. maybe your bracelet is the same color as his shirt? Or has a color that is in his shirt? Maybe you have a patterned darling dress on, and he is more neutral. The only rule is to not be too busy & to not clash. Otherwise, have fun.

Change it up baby:

A fantastic way to add variety and different moods to your photos, is to have a change (or two) of clothes. This can add so much more variety & gives you a chance to show different sides to your personality (dressy vrs casual for example). Be warned, depending on where we are shooting, you may end up doing your wardrobe change in your vehicle. The trick is to park at the secluded end of the parking lot & just do it. I promise it will be worth it.

You glow girl:

One last, but very important tip:

If at all possible, have your makeup professionally done. I promise you that glowy, perfect, healthy looking professionally applied makeup not only enhances your best features in the photographs, but a talented artist can also downplay your less favorite features. Ask your artist to put individual artificial eyelashes (natural looking, not Halloween looking) on your eyes. These make your eyes look more open & glamorous in photos. They do not look fake when photographed, they just make you look youthful, feminine and sexy. In fact, sometimes at the office, we have eyelash days. Where, just to be extra gorge and sassy, we come wearing falsies on our own lashes. I think it makes us more fancy. I may, or may not, have some on right now.

Otherwise, just come happy, with your man well fed & be ready to cuddle & make up on comand *wink*.

You will have a blast!!


the best edmonton wedding photographer






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Learn to do your makeup. Edmonton makeup artist.

My all time favorite makeup artist Sarah from Faces by Olive is diong the funnest makeup class ever! For anyone!! (we did the above photos of her on her website! Isn’t she gorgoues?!)
The following info on the Master Makeup Class is from her website:
On Tuesday, May 31st I will be holding my first ever Makeup Master Class in Leduc.
Every week I get emails about how to properly apply a product, what products to use and what products are the best – so I’ve decided to share my expertise in one fabulous evening!
Here’s what you can expect –
From 7:00-9:00pm
  • I will bring my complete makeup kit and will go through all the products I use professionally on clients from skin care to makeup
  • I will Demonstrate and explain all the techniques/tips/tricks I’ve learned over the years on a model
  • I be doing an individual makeup analysis for everyone, which means I will recommend what colors, tones, techniques and products I believe would work best for you
  • I will have my tweezers in tow and will be shaping any unruly brows
There will be a draw at the end of the evening for a complete Faces by Olive makeover and photoshoot, as well as a splendid makeup give-away!
All ages welcome!
To register please send an email to –
The registration fee for this event is $50
Registration ends on Friday, May 27th at 12:00p.m.
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Unique Edmonton Wedding Photographer {Jennifer Bergman weddings & Pink Polka Design)

I cannot say enough about jennifer bergman weddings (wedding planning & design)and Pink Polka Design (design & stationary products). Both of these ladies are not only super cute & adorable in real life, but they are organized professionals in the wedding world.

Both Jennifer & Jenelle are highly sought after for their creative minds & ability to make a wedding something completely unique. They want every wedding to have a cohesive feeling down to every last detail, and they help couples represent themselves, and their unique love in their wedding details & decor. As someone who tries to photograph every couple as the true THEM, I love that these ladies also have this as a main goal in their decor, art & details.
I loved working along side these ladies! We have interviewed Jenelle in the past, and wanted to interview Jennifer in this blog post.

Jennifer has an amazing ability to pull together her bride’s vision into a simply stunning & unique work of art!

Brides all have different budgets, can only high budget weddings afford a
wedding planner?
Definitely not! Most planners offer a variety of packages at different price
points. For instance, if you need the most help with décor and pulling your
vision together, many planners offer décor/design packages created
specifically to focus on the aesthetics of your wedding. If you intend to do
most of the planning yourselves, it can be really beneficial to consult with
a planner at the beginning of your engagement to get you focused and on the
right track.
I would also strongly recommend budgeting for a wedding day or wedding month
coordinator. There are so many details and logistics to take care of leading
up to a wedding – not to mention the coordination required on the day
itself. You don’t want to burden yourselves, your mothers or your bridal
party with that task.

What do you think are the three most important qualities of a successful
wedding planner:
Avoiding the obvious prerequisites (organization, attention to detail,
creativity), I’d have to say professionalism, style and composure.
How do you manage trust from your clients? After all it is the most
important day of their life.
I’m a good listener and I think my clients appreciate that. Weddings often
bring up emotions that can stretch beyond the event itself, and I’m an
outlet and a sounding board for many thoughts and expressions.

How do you manage trust from your clients? After all it is the most
I’m a good listener and I think my clients appreciate that. Weddings often
bring up emotions that can stretch beyond the event itself, and I’m an
outlet and a sounding board for many thoughts and expressions.

important day of their life.

What is the most special location that hosted one of your weddings?
To date, probably the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise – it’s wonderfully
magical there! I must say I’m really looking forward to a wedding next year
at Poets Cove Resort on Pender Island, B.C.

Tell us a difficult situation you have faced and how you got out of it.
Last summer there was a bad storm and the power went out during the wedding
reception. We rounded up candles and lanterns to distribute throughout the
venue so everyone could still see. Luckily it came back on within 30 minutes
or so and the party continued – the outage turned out to be a memorable part
of the evening!

The wedding day survival kit should include…
Pins (of all variety), double-sided tape, Band-aids, breath mints, bobby
pins, Tide-to-Go…we have a lot more items in our wedding day emergency
kits, but those are the most commonly used ones!

La Piazza Dasee did an amazing job on all of the florals.

I especially LOVED the boutineer that they created for the groom. It is just so awesome. (La Piazza Dasee)Jenelle makes the most charming paper goods, including this unique seating chart.

Other Amazing Vendors:
Special Event Rentals is a wedding dream-land with pretty much anything under the sun that you could want or need!

La Piazza Dasee is hands down, one of my all time favorite florists. If you want a boring bouquet/centerpieces, that everyone else has, DON’T go here. If you want an amazing, jaw-dropping work of art that you will simply adore. Talk to James or Janine. I promise you, they will blow you away!!

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Etsy finds for Brides

My most recent bride was a HUGE etsy fan & had the most the most personal & charming details!

It inspired me to do some etsy browsing…something I haven’t done in a while.

Here are a few lovelies for our 2011 & 2012 brides to enjoy! It is always fun to be able to purchase accessories and other fun items from home based businesses! I love getting things off of etsy & I am always so happy with the product!

I saw this necklace & fell in love! I want one for myself! I think it adds that “pizazz” to your wedding outfit, while still keeping it as traditional pearls. A beautiful mix of traditional & funky. Besides, they are just beautiful!!! 
You can use coupon code ETERNAL10  for 10% off!!

See it HERE

If you are not wanting to go with a traditional veil, this headband is simply adorable!! I just love it!

See it HERE

And if you are a bridesmaid planning a darling shower for your bride, check these cute invites out! They are toooo cute!

Check it out HERE    10% off with this code: 10PERCENTOFF

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Reflections: Candids & Making People Laugh

We are starting a new series on the blog (about monthly…) where we show you a handful of candids from a wedding (or two).
As a boutique wedding photography company, who only photographs weddings & engagements, we feel that a HUGE part of our job, is to a) capture the real moments that happen naturally and b) to make people feel comfortable so that they look comfortable & relaxed in their “formals” (dislike that word–sounds so stiff & awkward), and bonus if we can make them laugh. Even if it is at us. We are self sacrificing like that *wink*

Kari & I realised that we often show more of the emotional bride & groom photos, or the scenic photos, or the stylized/posed fashion style photos….but we rarely show the fun candids! That is going to change! At least once a month we will do a “reflections” post & share some of those little treasures with you.

Wedding days carry with them a sea of emotions. Your best friends are there. These are the girls that you have spent your life painting your nails with, crying on each others shoulders, bolstering each other up, healing each others broken hearts. Then your parents & grandparents are there….watching their ‘babies’ get married. Then there are speeches. Mothers & Fathers summing up in 5 minutes how much their child means to them. I cry everytime behind my 70-200 lens. The Bride & Groom often get up & say something to each other. Again, I cry.

When our clients recieve the DVD of their images, my goal is for them to relive their day in its entirety. I want them to laugh, cry & marvel at the moments that I caught. If the bride runs across the reception room into her teary grandfathers arms—I want to capture that. I want it to be one of her favorite images.

I honestly believe that pictures can be glue. There is nothing more comforting to the soul, then going to someone’s house & seeing above their fireplace mantel a huge wedding photo, or a huge family photo. It just symbolized security. My parent’s wedding photo was in a treasured place in our house & it always made me feel so safe and secure as a child. It was also a daily reminder to my parents of their love for each other. If I can capture a groom looking at his bride, as though she is the ONLY thing that matters….then I am the happiest little photographer on the planet.

 So, when you get your image collection from us, and you are viewing the pictures from your beautiful wedding day, be prepared for an emotional roller coaster. Because there will be a lot of gems that you didn’t know we captured.
Radelle (& Kari)

I love, love, love, puffy heart love when a bride laughs. I think she looks so joyful, full of life & vibrant.

 The only thing that I love more then a beautiful bride laughing….is a couple in love, laughing together. Such a real moment!

I think this time it was Jordan who said something funny to have Cherisa literally bent over laughing. Love it. You can feel the joy & friendship between them.

Something SO funny was said that Cherisa is just dying laughing here. I will take credit for being the funny one, although im sure Jordan may have helped *wink*.Even though we tend to blog more reception detail photos, then reaction photos….there are some AMAZING real, raw, candid moments at a wedding reception & we LOVE to nab them!

I have loved this series of images & the story they tell since I shot them at a Seattle wedding in May. So classic.

A wedding is never complete without a touching first dance photographPlease note the tear trickling down Angel’s cheek as she greets her guests, moments after becoming a wife.Again, great reception reaction shots are why it is important (among other reasons) to hire a professional for your wedding. Reception lighting can be very tricky, however when handled with experience….can make for some amazing & candid photos!I think that this picture of Chad tossing his head back laughing is hilarious!

 I love to capture great photos of the parents, talking about their babies!

I  beyond love the expressions in these bridesmaid’s faces as they listen to a speech!!

The HILARIOUS speech that caused the above reactions!

Many more blog posts like this to come!

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{All Dolled Up- The details}

While the bride & groom wedding portraits are my favorite images to photograph, I also really really really love capturing the details. So much thought goes into color, earings, necklace, shoes…that I think it is important to freeze those memories in time (this is sounding like a bad 80’s photography advertisement) because those are often the things that get forgotten.

This awesome tie is from tie obsessed, and is custom made. Personally, I think every bride should order her groom a special custom made tie.

I simply adore this hanger. It says “love”!! You can also get it to say your name, or “bride” or whatever you want. What a fantastic way to personalize your wedding day. (besides wedding gownscome on cheap, white, tacky plastic hangers. You don’t want that in your photos!)

Your wedding dress can hang forever on this amazingly charming hanger.

I love, love, love when a bride busts out some bling!

These beautiful custom cufflinks are to die for! What a fantastic gift idea for all the groomsmen! The hometown that they grew up in!

Arete has endless unique cufflinks to satisfy any grooms tastes!

This incredible couture custom made clutch, is availabe at the ever fabulous Bella Fiore!!! Not only is Jamie amazingly nice, but her creations for brides, bridemaids and us regular people are gorgeous!!

Oh be still my heart. This ring is totally handmade, and 100% elegant. If you love handcrafted jewelry, you have to visit one of my favorite sites!

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Tips for your wedding day {FAQ for Brides}

I wanted to share a couple of quick thoughts with our lovely brides.

I recently photographed a wedding, where there were SO MANY people standing in the aisle taking photos (with iphones, point & shoots, and DSLRs with flashes) that not only did it make it VERY hard for me to get my shot (picture me on my tippy toes desperately praying that another uncle doesn’t stand in front of me, because then I would be totally blocked!)….but even more importantly, the Groom & bride never got to see each other as she walked up the aisle on her father’s arm. They were robbed of that moment. They mentioned to me later, how disappointing and annoying it was that SO many people were in the aisle. The bride had felt that her moment was robbed. If you think about it logically, what on earth are those people going to do with that “shot” anyways. They aren’t going to print it large on canvas and hang it in the living room! They are going to put it on facebook & that is about it. Meanwhile, they have stolen a moment from the bride that us women dream about & potentially ruined my shot with either a)standing in my way/crowding the way  or  b)having their huge flash throw off my set exposure at a very important second.

After seeing this bride’s special moment turn into a paparazzi event, I strongly encourage you to have your minister, justice of peace, etc to ask guests to only take photos from their seats & to please turn off their flashes. I did a blog post about this subject HERE & I encourage you to read that.

And now, a fun tip!
There is far things as romantic as a first dance. There are few things as horrible as guests still sitting at the table or standing at the bar, talking amongst themselves while you dance around. A fabulous idea that I have seen is ask your M.C to get everyone to make a large circle on the dance floor, and then the bride & groom dances in the middle. It makes for amazing photos (think–the two of you gazing lovingly at each other, while your guests in the background are smiling at how cute you are). Want to make it even more magical? Hand sparklers & lighters out to your guests right before the first dance. This is so beyond romantic!!! It creates a moment that you usually only see in movies!

That is all for now,

Happy wedding planning my lovelies!

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Custom Hanger GIVEAWAY

 Rachel Walter, from the ever amazing Hand Picked for Me, has generously offered to give one of our readers one of her darling custom hangers!

This is perfect for brides (having your wedding gown photographed),

or if you read this blog & are not a bride

you can get it for yourself (with your name), or for a neice or nephew (how cute would that be! With their name on it!), a newborn baby gift (it could say “baby” or the baby’s name!!), for a girlfriend, for the person who has “everything” {hey we all need hangers!}  or for your wife (valentine’s day)!  SO CUTE!

All you have to do to enter, is tag yourself in the hanger photo on our facebook fan page!

Check it out here!

Winner will be chosen at random. All names will be entered into hat & one winner will be picked.

Contest is open until Monday January 17th at 9:00 pm.

(if all of the tags “fill up” on that one picture, a 2nd picture will be added to facebook & you can tag yourself again thus increasing your chances to win)

(winner will be chosen using a number generated by & that will correspond to the order in which people tagged themselves. The first (person)tag being number/entry(1) and so on….and the first tag on the second photo being entry (46), and so on, etc….)


She also has other darling goodies, like a guest-book platter!

and a “Mrs” t-shirt (I totally had one of these when I was getting married! LOVED it!)

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Wedding day timeline {Edmonton Wedding Photographer}

Wedding Day Timeline Eternal Reflections Photography


There are basically two ways to work a wedding timeline. Both are great. There are just trade offs with each scenario. I thought I would present both options in a blog post, so that brides can see the pros/cons of each and also some additional tips on how much time to leave for various things (dinner, plated versus buffet, etc).

In the USA, the most common outline for the day is roughly as follows:

-Bride gets ready, 4:00 ceremony, 5:00 cocktails (family, wedding party & bride/groom photos during cocktail hour), 6:00 dinner.

Photographers in the States are huge advocates of what is called a “first look”. This is when the bride & groom opt to see each other before their ceremony, in a special setting (with just the photog and her zoom lens capturing the moment). This is typically done a few hours before the ceremony, and all of the formal/posed photos follow. This “first look” allows all of the formal photos to be done before the ceremony even begins, thus allowing the bride & groom to enjoy their cocktails, allows the photographer more time to capture room decor & cocktail hour mingling, and keeps things running smoothly & back to back.

In Canada, things are done differently. Typically.

The most common time for couples to get married is 1:00pm.

Thus the timeline for your typical Canadian wedding is as follows:

Getting ready,  Ceremony 1:00-2:00, receiving line 2:00-2:45,  Pictures (family, wedding party, bride/groom) 3:00-5:30, Cocktail hour for guests 5:00-6:00, Dinner & reception 6:00.

This is a lovely way to do things, and what is expected. The conof this timeline is that it leaves guests with ALOT of time to kill. They have to find something to do from approx 2:30-5:00 (when cocktail hour starts). This can be troublesome for guests who don’t have a home or hotel nearby. I know a lot of mothers of the bride/groom open their home for snacks & lounging, but it really does make for a long day for some of the guests. The pro is, the groom’s first look of his bride was of her walking up the aisle. There is something lovely about how traditional that is. It is a special moment!

This summer, we have had  quite a few brides with TONS of out of town guests (and out of country guests!). Being sensitive to their guests needs, they have opted for the following “first look” timeline.

Getting ready, 1:00-3:30 photos, 4:00-4:45 wedding, 5:00-6:00 cocktail hour, 6:00 dinner & reception. The beauty of this timeline is that everyting is back-to-back for their guests. There is no time that needs to be killed… guests waiting…they are entertained the entire time. The negative? The groom must see the bride ahead of time in a “first look” instead of as she walks up the aisle at the ceremony.

There is no right or wrong way to do things & I think it is a very personal choice for each bride. I just wanted to explain timeline logistics and present both options to our Eternal Reflections brides. We are with you all day, so the order of things does not matter to us. We just want you to love your day!

Some other things to consider:



  • Dinner:


In terms of dinner, if you dinner is plated, you can generally expect at least 1 & 1/2  –  2  1/2  hours for dinner service. 2.5 hours if your wedding is large.

If you have a buffet, dinner will last approx on average 60 minutes (again depending on the size of your wedding). To keep your buffet lines from being jammed, and to get people through the line as efficiently as possible, ensure that your reception venue/caterer sets up two identical tables with access to both sides of it, so that people can walk along BOTH sides of it, thus getting 4x the amount of people through the lines at a time! I saw a large wedding (250 people) get through the line up & fed in 40 minutes this way.

  • Don’t have your reception timeline with too many “breaks”. I often, often, often see guests leaving because they are frusturated that the dance is not getting underway. If you have too many breaks in your reception, people get antsy and bored. Also, not everyone there knows a lot of other people (to mingle with), so people from work (for example) may not have many people to kill time with…..visit with while waiting for the dance to start.

I hope this helps you with your wedding timeline. If you have any questions for your Edmonton, Victoria, Vancouver or Destination wedding timeline, just let us know! We are happy to answer questions!


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