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Personal Post | Backseat Driving

For this past Father’s Day, I really wanted to get Matt something he really wanted. Not just a generic gift, but something that he would love.
Matt is not a person who loves ‘things’. His love language is acts of kindness.
After driving home from a session in Edmonton, I came up with the best idea! I immediately whipped out my phone and did voice to text and wrote the following:

Happy Fathers Day to you
I thought about maybe getting you something new
Maybe a coat or a new necktie
But then I had an idea that had me saying “my, oh my!”
It doesn’t cost money, not a single cent
But from the heart it is meant!
At the end of July we are going on a driving trip
and I am not even allowed to give one single driving tip
You’ll be allowed to drive in harmony and peace
My backseat controlling critique will have to cease.

I hate to admit it, because I don’t want to be that person, but I am the worst backseat driver. Ironically, I really dislike when people backseat drive when I am behind the wheel. Thankfully, I married a man who is very tolerant and patient, because I am out of control with my driving critiques (I feel that using the term “driving critiques” is much nicer and less crazy-control-freak sounding). 
So I have promised Matt, that on our road trip this summer, I am not allowed to say anything with regards to his driving. He was thrilled, yet speculative as to whether I would be able to uphold my promise.  I will have to bite my tongue and turn on an audiobook really loud.
Looking back, I wish I had just gotten him a necktie.

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Lac La Biche Wedding Photographer I Luxury Wedding Photographer

I am just in love with Lac La Biche and this wedding! I cannot wait to share more, here is a just a wee sneak peek!
Lac La Biche



Dianna & Derek were married on a beautiful sunny June day. They went against the grain and opted for a luncheon reception for their guests! They were married on the balcony of the Fairmont Hotel MacDonald, and because the weather wasn’t very decisive with the rain, they decided to wed under a gorgeous white tent.
Due to Derek’s work, he is usually in Australia and she is in Edmonton. The afternoon celebration brought tears to everyone – with a sweet surprise slideshow by Derek to Dianna, a touching speech from the Bride’s family & a romantic first dance. The day was flawless and so is their love.



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Nabeela & Nadeem will be getting married this September and we cannot wait to document their lovely wedding. We photographed their engagement session downtown Edmonton around Sir Winston Churchill Square & the Art Gallery of Alberta. It was a beautiful evening and mother nature treated us well. These two have a close connection. They have been together since high school and their love has been inseparable since.
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Edmonton White Tent Wedding {Alyssa & Wayne}

They say that it’s a symbol of good luck if it rains on your wedding day…if that is the case, Alyssa & Wayne will be having the most blessed life together. That said, this lovely couple didn’t need a downpour to solidify their love and lives, they are already an amazing match. As Wayne said in his thank you speech, Alyssa is the most kind person he has ever met, and that she would do anything for anyone. Wayne adores Alyssa and has her on a pedestal, it’s quite adorable to witness. So between his sweet adoration and her kind heart, they should have an amazing marriage that the rest of the world can look to for inspiration. The wedding day was extra special as these two were wed in the yard that alyssa grew up in, near Edmonton. Even with rain pouring down, hearts were warmed as the bride and groom said their heartfelt vows to one another.  When guests entered the big white reception tent, jaws dropped at how beautifully decorated it was. It was the perfect mix of luxury, and coziness. Guests enjoyed a lovely meal, dancing and a fabulous dessert pie (which included homemade pie). The air was full of love as the fresh rain romantically poured all around the cozy white tent.

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