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Tips & ideas for your wedding day

Tips & ideas for your wedding day.

Getting ready tips and ideas:

:: Clean the room you will be getting ready in. There is nothing worse than clutter in your photos.
:: If you are having your hair and make up done, it is best for photos (and for the hair and makeup artist) to have you a few meters away FACING a window with beautiful natural light pouring in.
:: We arrive at your hotel/home when your hair and make up are at the finishing touches, its very advantageous to get ready in a large beautiful room with a large window and no clutter.
:: Have your maid of honor put all of your details together- necklace, bracelet, shoes, earrings, love letter (from your groom)
:: Have an embroidered handkerchief for your dad & mom (you can get this made on Etsy)
:: Your grooms cuff links custom made (you can do this on Etsy) is such a nice touch!
:: Give your father custom cuff links also, you know, you are his little girl that is getting married, this would make his eyes fill up with tears.
:: Have your bridesmaids in their dresses before putting on your gown. For photos, this always looks better then rockin’ the PJ’s.
:: Having an invitation at your getting ready location is a great detail for us to capture
:: It is great to have all the bridesmaids dresses all hanging together in a window and all of their shoes lined up- ready for us.
::  With the flowers for your bouquet, make sure that they will last all day. Being in the heat with no water causes certain flowers to wilt faster than others- consult with your florist.
:: A cute idea that we just LOVE: having the bride and groom write love letters to each other that they open on the morning of their wedding.
:: Which brings me to my next point, wear waterproof mascara!!
:: Really consider getting false lashes for your wedding day! They can really make your eyes POP in the photos!
:: Have your bridesmaids sign the bottom of your wedding day shoes!

Ceremony tips & ideas:

::  Really consider a technology free wedding ceremony. Flashes from other cameras can destroy the camera settings that we have for your ceremony.  Also, having a technology free wedding allows guests to be involved and it makes the ceremony much for intimate. There have been many moments where a shot has been ruined because a guest has gotten out of their seat into the aisle for their shot, meanwhile blocking us.
:: Hold your kiss for longer then a millisecond. After the first kiss, hold it a little longer then usual.  Embrace this moment.
::  One thing a lot of brides don’t know, is that your church’s courtyard is available for weddings. Natural light is the most flattering light and it doesn’t get much more quaint & darling than an outdoor ceremony. It works out perfectly because if the weather is not cooperating, the church building is available for your backup location. Check out a gorgeous wedding in their church’s courtyard here.
:: Try not to rush down the aisle. Take your time. Bask in the moment.
:: If you tend to be a little weepy, don’t forget your hanky.
:: Be sure to talk to your minister before hand, about what is and is not allowed with regards to wedding photography.

Formal Portrait Tips:

:: It is best to do family photos first, right after the ceremony- we do them quite quick and efficient. We recommend doing them at the church or at a nearby location.
:: Always keep a lipgloss/lipstick handy. You can have one of your bridesmaids carry it around for you, or you can have a darling clutch to hold the few things to keep you looking your best (bobby pins, mascara, etc…)
:: If taking separate vehicles, be sure that the wedding party knows what time formal photos are starting and the locations. It takes so much time to wait for vehicles to show up.
:: A cute banner is always an adorable idea!
:: Don’t be afraid to show your love to your new spouse! When you are flirty, playful and cute with your new spouse it allows us to capture those tender, fun and real moments.
:: Have fun! Its good to laugh! Its your wedding day- enjoy it!!
::  Budget a good chunk of time for photos! There is nothing worse than being rushed. Leaving enough time allows for us to get every detail and every shot we want and allows you to get ready for the reception and do some touch ups before your grand entrance.

Reception Tips & Ideas:

:: Encase you are not aware, ETSY.COM can provide you with such darling details and ideas for your wedding!
:: Having cute ‘bride’ and ‘groom’ signs on the back of your chairs at the reception is so darling!
:: Have a theme. Whether it is vintage, modern elegance, carnival, blingy ect.. having a theme allows you to create the wedding you want without having scattered thoughts and ideas everywhere.
:: Place your photographer at the family table near the head table. This helps us capture all moments of the reception- the speeches and reactions without being distracting to others.
:: Make your reception YOU. Have vintage photos of your parents and grandparents weddings set up. What do you and your spouse love? Incorporate it!
:: Have fun with your seating chart! There are so many fun ways you can go about to liven it up. (ie. cute chalk board, using shipping tags…)

We are so thrilled to be a part of your fabulous wedding day! We cannot wait to see your vision come together and capture the love of the entire day!

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